An international honeymoon registry service that makes gift-giving as exciting as gift-getting

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Buy Our Honeymoon got me like... :) :)
Buy Our Honeymoon got me like… 🙂 🙂

Buy Our Honeymoon is a honeymoon registry service based in the UK, but helps couples globally (in more than one way). And, if you're looking for a honeymoon registry that makes gifting unique and special, doesn't gouge you, and makes Thank You cards a breeze, you're going to want to read up on this particular sponsor…

Why Buy Our Honeymoon is different…

Buy Our Honeymoon is a uniquely flexible. You can include absolutely anything you wish. Like these ideas, based on real registries:

  • airport parking at LAX
  • a helicopter tour of NYC
  • raiding the minibar
  • private dining on the beach
  • couples tattoos in New Orleans
  • a dog-sitter for pets back home

You can register for personal, super-meaningful gifts that are as fun and romantic for your guests to give you, as they are for you to receive.


Here’s how it works…

You can make your gift list reflect who you are as a couple. Are you hoping for fun and excitement? Or romance and relaxation? Buy Our Honeymoon have a variety of different, customizable designs, and there are no ads to ruin the view. You can even choose from a selection of discrete web addresses for your list, and their branding stays subtle, so the focus is all on the story you want to tell.


Your guests will visit the list you’ve put together, and choose the gifts they’d like to buy. They’ll leave their name and email addresses, together with a private message for you. When they’re ready, they can make an online payment for the value of their gifts, that goes directly to you, and is yours to spend as soon as the payment clears. And Buy Our Honeymoon doesn’t take their fee out of the gifts you’re given. Plus, there’s a complete Gift History, available forever, that you can download to help with your Thank You cards.


Turn boring expenses into exciting gifts…

Buy Our Honeymoon’s easy-to-use service lets you mix discrete items and open contributions on the same registry, so it’s easy to turn your basic travel expenses into gifts your guests can get excited about. For example, rather than just asking for money towards a plane tickets, you could ask guests to sponsor some symbolic miles of your journey: "A mile in the air for every year we've been together." Or ask them for the gift of an in-flight movie date with candy and soda.


For couples with friends and family in more than one country…

Buy Our Honeymoon offers support for a wide variety of currencies, both for displaying your registry and for collecting your funds — and you can also provide your honeymoon registry in more than one language. Buy Our Honeymoon can even help prioritize different gift payment options for your guests, depending on where they’re located!


Special discount…

You can try out all Buy Our Honeymoon’s unique features by signing up for a free 7-day trial, with absolutely no obligation. If you decide to go ahead, they have a simple, one-off fee of $64 (or £55in the UK). And, if you start your free trial using the exclusive promotional code OBB16, they’ll give you a massive 20% discount!


Even if you don't know your honeymoon plans yet…

You don’t even need to have booked your flights to use Buy Our Honeymoon’s service. Which means, you don’t even need to know yet where you’re headed yet to take advantage of this special discount ASAP!

  1. I much prefer honeymoon registries like this, where you can break things down, than ones that just have a general "whatever amount you like". It's nicer to think of giving the couple a dinner, or an experience, or a bed for the night, than some impersonal amount (especially trying to figure out a monetary value to place on the relationship is weird and hard).

    How long will the discount last? Like, I don't want to sign up for a registry before I'm engaged, but I might be engaged before the end of the year, so…

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