Your offbeat-friendly interactive wedding planning checklist is available!

March 23 2017 | bijouxandbits
Your offbeat-friendly interactive wedding planning checklist is available!

We've had a printable wedding planning checklist for a long time (recently updated: see here!). Now we're rolling out an interactive wedding planning checklist so you can keep track of all your to-dos in one place, tailored to your specific wedding date! Here's where to find it and how it works…

Your interactive wedding planning checklist

Start your checklist here

  1. Register for an account
  2. Enter your wedding date (or something close-ish if you don't know — you can change it at any time!)
  3. Start using your customized checklist with task dates set to YOUR timeline
  4. Check off tasks as they're completed, add tasks unique to your wedding, and get things done!
Your offbeat-friendly interactive wedding planning checklist is available!

Your checklist is available online for you whenever you need it. Pull it up with your wedding crew, wedding planner, and partner.

Obviously, no one wedding checklist could ever work for everyone, but this one is hopefully a bit more slanted toward nontraditional interests. Please understand that we're absolutely not saying you have to do everything on our checklist… if you make the choice not to do something for your wedding (like, say, favors) you get the satisfaction of immediately striking it off the list and moving on!

Start your checklist here

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  1. Such a great checklist!! Dont forget a wedding videographer tho! It could be your biggest regret. This is the biggest day of your life and the ONLY things you take away are your photos and video , and nothing will tell the story of your wedding day like a film. Trust me, you start forgetting the day the moment you wake up. Make sure its caprured forever 😉

  2. This is a fantastic list, well done for putting it together it will be invaluable for new brides. I totally agree, lock your venue down and your photographer down first. As a wedding photographer myself I know that all the top venues I work at are rammed and dates are scarce. I am very lucky to be in the same position. Generally though lock down your venue first then your photographer, mind you I often get brides booking their venue around my availability. Yes the wedding industry is this mad!

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