Offbeat Bride reader Amorae made some awesome 8-bit wedding invitations that not only look cool but they act cool — they're interactive! Amorae explains 'em in her own words…

That's right! Our wedding invites are interactive! A friend of ours came up with the idea to incorporate a sliding mechanism and we ran with it! When you pull the ribbon, our Mario avatars raise up out of the pipe and a Game Over-esque screen slides out of the bottom to reveal our wedding website URL and RSVP-by date.

We wanted to incorporate our love for video games and comic books into the invites so we stylized a lot of the images (which our amazing photographer, Brandi Thompson, took). Making the wax seals was fun… well, except when wax melted onto my finger. The custom stamps were made on and we also made custom address labels for each invite with the Mario tube and 8-bit font.

I really like our maps because they include an 8-bit rendering of Dallas. I'm also really excited to see what we get back on the RSVP cards since we included an “Imagination Box” where guests can draw in their favorite superhero or make one up!

These invites were a lot more time consuming to create than we had anticipated but they are totally worth it! I think that after receiving these invites in the mail, our guests will have a perfect picture of just how nerdy this party is going to be.

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  1. Hi:
    Do you have some tutorial for make this Interactive 8-bit wedding invitations.

    Greetings from Chile.

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