Insanely hot inked bride

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Can't … talk. Busy reconsidering sexual orientation… Tons more photos of gorgeous Danielle's relatively-traditional-but-heavily-inked wedding over here!

Thanks to daniellehampton for the photo!

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  1. Did you catch that lovely photo of her dancing with her (I assume) grandmother? That is what weddings and families and continuity is all about.

  2. Love grandma getting down!

    How can Ariel just be looking at the hot Maggie G bride (so true, Blake K!) when there’s that adorable groom?? 🙂 (Rawr on the Chucks)

  3. Such a gorgeous celebration. I must know WHERE. Please tell me it’s somewhere near LA!

  4. Aww, thank you, all of you, for such kind comments! The wedding took place in Mesa, AZ at Stonebridge Manor. You can check out

    Let me know if you have any other questions- I’d be happy to answer.

    Thanks again for all the sweetness- you all made my day!

  5. Beautiful! She does have that Maggie thing going on – except way cuter! It’s weird feeling so happy for a complete stranger… Danielle you are gorgeous and your wedding looked like it was a lot of fun!! xoxo

  6. I just spent my entire lunch hour looking at these amazing photos! What a hot wedding! Everyone looked so great!! I love this wedding!

  7. Sooooo gorgeous. The dress is exactly like mine which i dont get to wear until May 09. Its so nice to see it look awesome on someone else. Hopefully i look that good! Congrats!

  8. this is totally maing me regret my dress with the tiny cap sleeve that covers my ink oh so slightly. i will def be asking guests to pose for a “show us your tats” photo though.

  9. She has to be one of the most beautiful brides I have ever seen. I hope I look that beautiful on our day!

  10. What a gorgeous bride! I love the gown and ink. The photo slideshow is wonderful, especially the shot of her dancing with her grandmother =]

  11. The bride is smokin’ and the groom’s a cutie, but why has no one commented on the awesomeness of that yellow themed candy buffet? Mmm … candied lemon slices …

  12. Holy God.
    We’ve all heard of the “beautiful blushing bride” of course. But Danielle is EFFING SMOKING HhhhOT and her ink is AMAZING. I love it Loud and Proud like that…her future grandbabies will be proud!!!

  13. Danielle-

    who makes your dress!?! it is stunning! You make all of us inked brides (and brides to be) proud! please let me know any details you have about your dress!

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