The offbeat bride: Kara, Customer Service Rep – Fashion
Her offbeat partner: Loop Haro

Location & date of wedding: The Marvimon House in Los Angeles, CA – June 29th, 2008

What made our wedding offbeat: Since I am from Minnesota and my husband is from northern California, we needed an easy location that could accommodate our families and our hipper-than-hip friends.

We saved a ton by throwing our wedding on a Sunday afternoon, buying our own booze (but got our mixologist buddy to make some intoxicating drinks!), utilizing our friend, who owns Huntington Catering Company, to create our Midwest meets West coast menu, and incorporating the musical stylings of our friends as entertainment.

Jeff sang me down the aisle (backed musically by friends and family) and then he and I rocked the crowd for our recessional. Instead of having a traditional Christian service we had our comedian friend start off the ceremony with thunderous laughter. Our graphic designer girlfriend made us these amazing posters that were rolled up and sent out in mailing tubes as our save the dates.

Our biggest challenge: Planning an un-traditional wedding with traditional parents paying for it and having it so far away from home was definitely the biggest challenge. Luckily my parents had met most, if not all, of our great friends and they knew that it was important to have a party that included them since they are just as close to us as our real family!

Plus we tried to incorporate some Minnesotan themes (such as deer venison courtesy of my father's hunting excursions and Minnesota mints made by my Mother and carried on the plane) that made them feel right at home.

My favorite moment: The moment that sticks out most in my mind was feeding my husband the lemon verbena cake; my thumb was hidden inside the frosty confection and he bit it so hard it swelled to twice it's original size! Ouch!

My offbeat advice: Try not to accommodate people too much. That sounds terrible, but honestly it just creates more work for you! And besides, your guests will do just about anything for you on your wedding day!

Enough talk — show me that wedding porn: Click the photo below to see amazing shots of Kara & Loop's Glamourous Indie Rocker Loft Wedding!

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  1. thanks! we picked the song transatlanticism by death cab for cutie because it says i need you so much closer… a total tear jerker! we even had our bridal party and guests sing along which was pretty powerful.

  2. hey dress lovers! i actually found the dress at foley and corinna, they have a store location on melrose in los angeles, but you can definitely find them online. it was seriously the easiest dress to wear and NO ALTERATIONS!

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