Bridal henna, gold paper cranes, and fortune cookies: a glamorous Indian-Chinese wedding

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 | Photography by Q Weddings
All photos by Q Weddings.

From bridal henna to stunning golden cranes, Suni and Chris mastered the art of blending their cultures for their Houston wedding earlier this year. With the help of event designer Events By Momo, the two created a dreamy landscape to wed in — including incorporating fluffy white clouds, white bridesmaids dresses, and a hanging seating chart made from paper, twine, and twigs.


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Comments on Bridal henna, gold paper cranes, and fortune cookies: a glamorous Indian-Chinese wedding

  1. NOPE

    I refuse to believe that people and decorations this beautiful exist. It’s just impossible. Can’t be done.

  2. This was one of my favorite weddings to photograph this year…fun people plus how pretty was that white/gold decor with both Chinese and Indian influences? Congrats to Suni and Chris…

  3. OK, but WHERE ARE THE REST OF THE PHOTOS!? I feel like I’ve been teased….

  4. I LOVE HENNA!! I would love to have it done for my wedding, but I’m not sure how it would look on a pasty white bride with an Hispanic groom… one can dream, right?

    • I attended a Bridal shower where all the ladies got henna done, and it’s so lovely – it looks beautiful on everyone!
      I’m not sure how some will fee about taking cultural traditions that may have a certain meaning attached to them and using them where that meaning is not represented (I don’t truly know where Henna falls along that train of thought) – but if you ask around and it doesn’t offend anyone – I say do it! You could also cater the colour of the Henna to best match the feel of your wedding.

  5. This is too marvellous for words. The henna on the bride’s arms look like a really neat tatoo. Truly, they have been able to achieve a wonderful blend of both their cultures. A lot of unique ideas. Thanks for sharing. Love the look.

  6. Mixed gold tones. Bride’s brigade in white. Henna. I love it all!

    Congratulations on a beautiful celebration, Suni & Chris. May it be only a hint of the beauty to come! 🙂

  7. What’s not to love, it’s gorgeous! Beautiful couple, love all that gold everywhere, her Chanel broach, gasp. Eye candy heaven.

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