On the very important importance of underwear

Guest post by rosesinister

before and after appropriate underwear

My dress arrived, and I loved it. This is always good, but it didn't button properly in the back… which was problematic, as you can see here:

on the very important importance of underwear-2

One of my bridesmaids took me to one of those faaaaaaancy pants lingerie stores — the kind where the staff can look at you and tell immediately if you are wearing the right bra size or not, with chandeliers in the dressing rooms and all that.

I tried on a couple of different bras, and after we put on this number, I knew it was the one:

on the importance of wedding underwear

I cannot stress enough the importance of proper foundational garments. They absolutely do make or break a dress. This bra cost $120, but I'll be able to wear it more than once, and it still cost less than getting my dress altered that dramatically.

I'm still going to have a tailor add a small placket behind the buttons, and maybe adjust the straps a bit, too. And the dress needs steaming, badly. But for all that, I am now very very very happy with the results.

Who else has Very Important Underwear Advice they'd like to share with the class?

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  1. I have nothing dramatic to add to this thread – although getting properly fitted has rescued my boobs from misery – apart from to say that pants in the UK = underpants, so ‘fancy-pants lingerie shop’ is extremely apt and makes me giggle!

  2. I went to a fancy lingerie store and found the perfect corset for my giant boobs….then ended up getting a dress with a built in corset that gives perfect support on its own and looks best with nothing underneath.

    Whoops. I got a super pretty bra out of the trip too, though!

  3. I had sort of the opposite problem – I tried on my dress the first time with a regular bra, and then purchased a fancy-pants longline strapless / corset bra for the second fitting. The seamstress had to take the dress in, and now I am terrified that perhaps I’ve done myself a disservice with the new bra (which is super tight…) Ugh. Last fitting tonight, fingers crossed!

  4. My problem? Small size. I got measured about 2 years ago and discovered I was a 32B – not the 32AA I’d calculated by myself.
    I’m currently wearing a cheapo 34A (boobs don’t fit right at the sides). I’ve tentatively bought 34C bodysuit from the same cheapo store to go underneath my dress (boobage fits properly, comfortable vest-like fit around the rest). But as soon as I have time I’ll be going for another fitting as I’ve put on weight since the last one. And I don’t want to put my awesome friend/seamstress out that much by asking her to re-do the bodice alterations on my dress… :-/

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