Amazing wedding details: silk ribbons, succulent bouquets, and THE CAKES

Updated Oct 12 2015

Holy holy guacamole! I was expecting something spectacular from longtime Offbeat Bride Tribe member iLiveinmyLab, but the wedding photos that she just submitted to the Offbeat Bride Flickr pool, just freaked my freak…

Chaplain Larry performing the ceremony

I mean, talk about amazing wedding details! That Wai-Ching dress, the blue fabric on the train. OMG, just her hair alone, wtf is that ribbon woven in?

Yes, that is totally a ribbon of hand-dyed wai-ching silk in her hair! And the succulent bouquets and boutonnieres! It's just, ugh, my mind has been warped by the awesome.


More Table Arrangements
, Seating Assignments, and Program Table

And the CAKES you guys.

Gluten-Free Lemon Cake
Gluten-Free Lemon Cake

And the puppies!

Saying Goodbye to Pancakes

  1. Sorry, that noise you're hearing is my head EXPLODING! That hair is outstanding!! Please, please, PLEASE give us a step-by-step!!!

    • Ditto to this. Lab, I'd LOVE a tutorial on that amazing hair. You know I'm a fan of ribbon veils, but ribbons woven into an updo = hawt.

  2. That dress is amazing… almost makes me wish I hadn't backed off of doing a Wai Ching… This one came out amazing!

  3. Oh man, whoever did your flowers gets HUGE kudos. The funky glass vase with the ornamental kale/cabbage and the green hypericum berries made me sigh longingly. I'm also in love with those glass water containers – vintage blue glass!!! These are gorgeous pictures!!

  4. I remember following Lab's planning on OBT and loving every little detail. Can't wait to hear more details…

  5. WOW. Just freakin' WOW. This is an offbeat but very classy affair. That dress and hair… I mean, I'm drooling.

  6. How on earth are those outdoor ceiling fans mounted? In the trees? Are they battery powered? Portable? I must know! Do you realize how divine that would make an outdoor Louisiana wedding!

  7. I lurrrve the glass theme–from the bouquet to the crazy sculptures on the aisle, and the ice water containers, what a gorgeous idea!

    That succulent bouquet is truly the most amazing I've ever seen..weird and beautific!

    • That's exactly what I thought as I was drooling over this and wondering- can this wedding get any better? A pirate guest is by far the cherry on top!

    • Your are correct, that was indeed a pirate! There was also a guy in a mariachi sombrero but unfortunately thanks to photographer issues we don't have a good photo of him…

  8. I can't believe all of the detail put into EVERY aspect of the wedding! I especially love the flower arrangements. Definitely breathtaking.

  9. Her dress is just amazing! After seeing this entry the other day I've been drooling over a bunch of different Wai-ching dresses. I think I've found my designer!

  10. iliveinmylab is married??? I must have been missing for way too long ! Congratulations ! Amazing dress, amazing hair, everything looks awesome !

    • Yes it is Barr Mansion! They were absolutely amazing! I'm still in shock about the fire this week though, I feel terrible for the owners but I know they'll take good care of the rest of their clients.

  11. I have been waiting to see photos of Lab's wedding for probably 2 years now based on our shared planning on OBBT. I am happy to say I am not disappointed in the least. The dress is indeed stunning and knowing how long she was collecting the beautiful glass ware throughout the wedding it is exciting to finally get to see it in place.

    Lab, please write your profile soon, and don't sit on it like I did, so we can share in some of the details that are not captured in photos.

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