What I would register for: The Iceland honeymoon edition

February 7 2017 | meggyfin
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Photo by Miss Ann from this Iceland glacier wedding

I'm excited about the idea of a honeymoon and registering for said honeymoon but… we aren't quite sure where to go yet. So I thought that, while I was doing some honeymoon research with the help of our longtime sponsor Traveler's Joy, I would share my findings with all y'all. Maybe we can help each other out?

Last time I looked into what we'd register for if we go to Thailand. This time I'm taking a virtual honeymoon to Iceland. Nowhere other than Iceland can you experience fire, ice, raging waterfalls, and endless cliffs all in one day. And Traveler's Joy is gonna help get us there. Wanna come along?

[Keep in mind, if you know where you're going (and it ain't Iceland) you can just head over to Traveler's Joy's Honeymoon Planning Guides and start scheming up plans for your own awesome honeymoon!]

Guests bundled up at this Iceland destination wedding. (Photography: Photos by Miss Ann)

Prepare yourselves

As a Southern California girl, I am bereft of proper cold weather gear. With a Traveler's Joy registry I could register for big winter coats and accessories. Bonus: I'd feel like my friends were keeping me warm with their loving gifts the whole time.

Iceland – Blue Lagoon http://ift.tt/1Hl9fBf
By: ctrlaltdileepCC BY 2.0

First stop: Blue Lagoon

This is one of few times you can register for one of the 25 wonders of the world! Ask your friends to donate towards tickets to a day, or even an overnight stay, at the Blue Lagoon, geothermal hot springs.

Northern Lights - Aurora Borealis - Iceland
By: glynloewCC BY 2.0

View the Northern Lights by boat

Yes, you can view the Northern Lights from the ground, but why not register for the experience of watching them as you sail along the coastline outside of Reykjavik. And if you don't happen to see the lights that night, whatever! You got an awesome boat ride and you'll DEFINITELY have gotten gorgeous views of Iceland’s mountains and the beautiful capitol lit up at night.

Scenic Iceland wedding from @offbeatbride
Photo by Nick Fancher

Have an epic honeymoon photo shoot

Want a chance for a post-apocalyptic photo shoot at the Sólheimasandur plane crash? Or photos where you look like freaking Vikings on the cliffs. Or romantic photos of you in the snow and ice? Iceland has every epic photos location you can think of, so get creative and register for a photo session with a local photographer!

Where to stay and eat

Canopy by Hilton Reykjavik City Centre — A terrific boutique option close to Laugavegur, Reykjavik’s main shopping avenue. Couples can enjoy bikes for exploring the city, complimentary artisanal daily breakfast, local art throughout the hotel, and evening tastings of local beers and spirits.

ION Luxury Adventure Hotel — A great option for couples looking to embrace Iceland’s incredible landscape and plethora of outdoor recreation options. Highlights include 45 rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows, on-site restaurant, and even a thermal pool. The 4-star adventure hotel is about an hour from Rekyjavik.

Icelandic Fish and Chips — This family-operated bistro serves up incredible fish dishes, and many exclusively use Icelandic ingredients. Be sure to pair your selection with one of Iceland’s organic brews.

The Bar at Kex Hostel — A perfect spot for local lager and locally sourced food based on the Icelandic heritage.

Check out Traveler's Joy for more Icelandic honeymoon inspiration — from their real honeymoon stories, to their travel guides, and actual Iceland registries to copy from. Then you can register with Traveler's Joy to actually make your own travel dreams come true!

  1. We definitely want a Northern Lights honeymoon, and it's a toss up between Iceland and Sweden at the moment. I've been to Iceland before (school trip for a subject I didn't do at a level I wasn't at that needed to get more bums on seats – it's much weirder to me now than it was at the time!) which has it's pros and cons. A lot of the activities are the same for any Scandanavian honeymoon, so a lot of our choices are about where we'd get the best odds of seeing the Aurora.

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