Make a “huzzah!” banner for your wedding

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Amber and Marshall had a fabulous Renaissance-themed wedding. It's so seriously fabulous that I hope we get to feature them in a bride profile soon. One of my favorite details that they added to our Offbeat Bride Flickr pool is their “huzzah” banner, along with their “just married” banner.

Huzzah for this idea, which you should steal for your own wedding!

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Comments on Make a “huzzah!” banner for your wedding

  1. I just let out a serious squee! I didn’t expect to see our banner on the main page this morning!!!

    Serious thanks to my new sister-in-law for helping me out by making them!

    • I really love your banners! Any chance of a how-to? (Or did you maybe post one on the tribe that I missed?) They’re absolutely charming!

      • Thank you! They were a wonderful touch!

        I actually got the inspiration from this tutorial here on OBB:

        I asked my sister-in-law to help make them because 1) my work schedule was a bit hectic and 2) she wanted to help somehow. So Marshall and I went to Joann’s and picked out fabric, stencils and paint and gave them to her. I told her the few I wanted for certain (Huzzah and our initials), but other than that have fun with it. My favorite part of them is the skeleton key she painted on some of them. I have collected keys for many years and I wanted to work them in somehow but couldn’t figure it out. Once I stopped worrying about it they were worked in for me!

        From what my SIL said they were super easy to do especially with a few helpers. 🙂

        Good luck!

  2. This is great I’m in the SCA and I say Huzzah all the time in and out of persona. If any moment is a huzzah moment it’s when you get married!

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