How to make your own romantic fairy veil with flowers

Guest post by Hanneke

Tribe member Hanneke not only DIY'd and rocked a gorgeous fairy-esque veil at her wedding but she was also kind enough to let us know how she did it! With no further adieu, here's Hanneke to show us how it's done…

This is Hanneke on her wedding day, dancing with her husband. Photo retouched by Brett @ FixSuckyPix

My mom and I DIYed my veil. It was easy and cheap and the result was great. So, I want to share the a how-to with you.

You will need:

  • hair comb
  • thread that matches the colour of your veil
  • 1.5 meters (approx 4ft) by 1 meter (approx 3ft) organza for the veil (I bought some extra, in case I screwed up)
  • 0.5 meters (approx 1ft) by 1.5 meters (approx 4ft) of organza in a contrasting color for the flowers (I also made flowers to go on my dress and I have some left over. The organza was very cheap, I paid two Euro per meter)
  • little beads (I had them in ivory, bordeaux red and golden brown)
  • thread matching the flowers

Step One:

Cut the organza you purchased to make the veil to the desired length. In my case, I cut it to the length of my dress — 1.20 meters (approx 3ft) in length and 85cm (33.5 inches) wide.

Step Two:

Light a candle and hold the edges of the organza above the flame. Not in the flame — just above it. The hot air “kisses” the fabric and it will curl nicely. Curl the two sides and bottom of the veil — the curling will give it a flowing and airy effect.

[Editor's Note: the curling will only work with polyester organza.]

Note: this is the most difficult step. Practice first on some scrap pieces of organza until you know what to expect and how the material reacts.

Step Three:

Make a small hem on the top. Then sew through the hem with a basting-stitch or running stitch and pull the veil together.

Step Four:

Now, sew it onto the comb.

Step Five:

Make the organza flowers to go on the veil. I used this tutorial.

Here's a brief overview: Cut four (or your desired number) flower shapes out of a your flower organza. Curl the edges of the flower above the flame of a candle, same way as the veil. Stack the shapes on top of each other and sew them together using the beads as the heart of the flowers.

Step Six:

Arrange the flowers on the veil.

First try out your pattern with some pins. Then, once you've found the desired look, attach the flowers with a few stitches to the veil.


The comb is easily put in your hair on the back of your head. On my wedding we used some extra hairpins to make sure it would stay, just to be extra safe.

I love my veil, but I'd love even more for you to personalize it for yourself. The flowers are easily substituted for butterflies or leaves or whatever makes you happy! Organza can be bought in very colour of the rainbow, so I can already see awesome blue, red, green, yellow and pink veils…

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Comments on How to make your own romantic fairy veil with flowers

  1. Just FYI, the curling step 2 will only work with polyester organza. If you’re using true silk organza, that won’t work.

    If you’re paying 2€ / meter (or anything less than ~$8/yard), it’s most likely poly.

    Great tutorial, though!

  2. Yes you must please be careful when using candles with fabrics… it can very easily and quickly catch on fire…. I found that out when dropping things too close to my candles a few times and has caught on fire…. be care out there!!! Ive seen too many fires start this way….. great way to make the veil though… beautiful just might do that for my renewal… I never wore a veil and want something different….congrats to the couple!!!

  3. Also, for those wondering what shape to cut it in to – if you make the veil a large oval, fold it in half, and gather the straight edge to the comb, that is typically what will give you the “classic” double-veil look.

  4. This is beautiful! This is exactly what I wanted for my wedding and I’m glad to see it won’t be too difficult 🙂

  5. The flowers are very cute. My mother is making my veil, but maybe I can make these flowers to top the boxes of my favors (which I’ll likely print or origami together thanks to past OBB tutorials). Thanks for the cute idea.

  6. What a wonderful idea… I bought a bolt of organza, since I can’t find a veil in the color I want (pink/fuchsia) and am making my own. I am NOT a sewer, so I’ve been trying to figure out how to turn all of this material into the veil of my dreams… I should add that it will be more of a cathedral type veil than a short one. I’ve gotten seed beads, and some appliques, but couldn’t for the life of me figure out what to do with the edging… now I know! I can’t wait to test it out more on my 6 inch roll and see how it goes! Thanks for the inspiration!!

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