How to make a LEGO card box

Guest post by intlulu

We've seen a card box made of LEGO before, but we've never seen a card box that is a huge LEGO. That is until Tribesmaid Intlulu made that a reality and was kind enough to share how you can make it a reality as well…


We, two LEGO fiends, have decided to make a LEGO ring box for our ring bearer to carry. I proposed making the card box of LEGO too, but my partner thought it would be too heavy to deal with, so we compromised and I made this box to look like one big LEGO brick.

Here's how to make it…

Step 1:
Using a box cutter, cut a card slot in the side of an oversized shoe box.

Step 2:
Cut heavy cardboard tubes for the top. I got lucky and didn't have to cut any as I'd just purchased all the votive holders, which used heavy cardboard tubes to keep the glass from breaking.

Step 3:
Stretch a piece of duct tape over the top of each tube, press tightly onto the edges of the cardboard to seal. Trim off excess tape with scissors.

Step 4:
Seal the box with masking tape. Wrap tape around edges of the card slot to smooth the edges.

Step 5:
Lay out the placement of the tubes evenly on the top of the box. Glue the tubes to the top of the box. Glue-all worked fine, but I'm sure a glue gun would work well too. Weight down the tubes with something heavy until the glue sets firmly.

Step 6:
Using 3-D paint, write LEGO on the top of each tube. I also used it to write CARDS on the front to make it really obvious what it was to be used for.

And finally, Step 7:
Spray paint the heck out of it using the wedding color of your choice! I wasn't as careful with the taping as I should have been, so I may need to glue a bit down on that left front corner, but I'm happy enough with the result. Were I doing it again, I think I'd find a different cardboard box without a separate lid so the sides of the LEGO would be smoother. In any case, I like it anyway! 🙂

Comments on How to make a LEGO card box

  1. Totally awesome. Also, for uniform size you can use the inside part of tape rolls which would be just about right. I would recommend cardboard sticker letters to use for the logo.

  2. Awesome idea!!! card boxes are so much fun to make and there are so many to choose from. I used a hat box for mine and glued rose tissue wrapping paper and replaced the rope string it had with a matching ribbon and it looked great too sadly I did not have any pictures of it. I did not get to use it because no one replied to my wedding and only three showed up so good thing I did not take it with me.I used it to store my christmas cards I get every year from family and friends now. Great job on your card box!!

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