Offbeat Bride and the Chicago Tribune talk non-traditional honeymoons

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UntitledThis week we decided to move our real honeymoon profiles over to Offbeat Home. It's also the week that the Chicago Tribune featured an interview with me about non-traditional honeymoons.

Offbeat Empire associate publisher Megan Finley sees the alternative honeymoon as a reflection of a larger willingness to question wedding conventions.

“Just because when someone says ‘honeymoon' most people think of their toes in the sand and a drink in their hand, doesn't mean you have to book a tropical vacation. Unless you and your partner love the ocean, surfing, snorkeling and sunbathing! Then the tropics are the way to go,” Finley said in an email interview. “But never because ‘that's just how it's done.'”

The article also features me dishing the details of some of our past non-traditional honeymoon features.

Which brings me to this: If you're thinking about honeymoon plans, you should totally revisit our real honeymoon profiles on Bride, or our travel features on Home. If you've already had your offbeat honeymoon… quick, head over to our new travel submission page and start dishing the details!

Let's talk non-traditional honeymoons! What are YOUR plans?

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  1. My fiance and I already live in a version of the ideal tropical honeymoon destination (Florida), so where are we supposed to go? To another tropical place that reminds us of home? And we have to pay extra for everything we can get here at a slightly cheaper rate or free?

    Screw that – we’re going to Vancouver in March! SEASONS! MOUNTAINS! PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION! (Besides, we’re planning on moving there and need to check it out, anyway.)

    • Vancouver is AWESOME. It’s like someone mashed up a little taste of the UK with a taste of Shanghai, and wrapped it all up in a super friendly Canadian blanket, complete with gorgeous mountains and forests and ocean and HOLY SHIT. I need to get back up there for a visit.

      • Ariel, I trust your opinion on the awesomeness of a place – I’m so glad it already has your stamp of approval!

    • We also live in Florida. For our honeymoon we went skiing in Colorado. Neither of us had ever went skiing before and we had such a fun time!

  2. We’re going to Orlando for our honeymoon. We’re going to visit Disney, Universal, and even go see a dinner show at Medieval Times! I can’t wait!

  3. I’ve traveled extensively throughout the US (extensive road trips with the ‘rents for the first 16 years of life will do that). Despite being an American history nut, my fiance has barely traveled at all. I’m planning an autumn road trip to Virginia where we’ll tour the bazillion presidential and civil war historic sites (for him) and fit in plenty of Shenandoah hiking, leaf-peeping, and wineries (for me). We’re calling it our “Virginia is for lovers of each other and history” trip.

  4. We went to Iceland on our honeymoon in February. For us it seemed like the only logical choice. We both love the Northern European countries, wanted to see the northern lights and we own an Icelandic sheepdog. We went there for one week, got a hotel in Reykjavík and did all kinds of outdoor activities such as horseback riding, snorkling, walking on a giant gletsjer and ofcourse we went to see the ‘touristic highlight’ like the Blue Lagoon and the Geysir.
    It was perfect and magical!

    • Your honeymoon sounds wonderful! And, congratulations!

      We are going to Iceland in December for our honeymoon and plan on doing some of the same things.

      Did you manage to see the Northern Lights?

  5. I can’t wait to tell you all about our upcoming Halloween honeymoon at Cedar Point in Ohio. They don’t do “honeymoon packages” so we’re going to treat ourselves like royalty with funnel cakes and haunted houses and goofy theme park pictures!

    • Halloweekends is soooooo fun!!!! We go every year and it’s such a great time. Just make sure you bring varied clothes because sometimes it’s pretty warm and then others it gets like wintertime cold. Plus they always have people dressed up in elaborate costumes so you guys can get lots of great pics.

    • Halloweekends is awesome! I’m not one for haunted houses myself, but I still loved it! Riding the Iron Dragon at night is one of my favorite things to do there. We have season passes this year, and I intend to be there as much as possible this fall!
      Oh, and if you’re into funnel cakes, you should check out the funnel cake sundaes they have in Frontier Town 😉

  6. We knew we didn’t want to go to a beach and we just recently decided on Portland, ME – somewhere we have both always wanted to go. It has great culture and history plus it’s walkable/bikeable, there’s tons of breweries, and the scene feels very much our style. When we found out that the Harvest on the Harbor festival was happening the EXACT same time frame that we set aside for our honeymoon we knew it was a sign and booked that day.

    • Portland is so amazing–we went on a winter trip to ME last year using a couple of really awesome Groupons. If you’re at all able to tack on a day/overnight trip to Acadia, do it! It’s so glorious.

    • Aw, check out Summit Adventures while you’re down there. Human sized hamster balls ftw! MECA has some pretty cool art exhibits (some are student works, some are visiting artists). Pretty sure there’s a cryptozoology museum lurking somewhere in P-town.
      As far as Acadia goes, we have a metric butt-ton of state parks. If you’re rushed for time, no need to drive all that way to check out the trees and water and whatnot. If you are headed up thataway, I recommend the aquarium in Boothbay (really small, but they have a bunch of petting tanks, including some sharks) and one of the Native American museums.
      As much as I am tired of living here, Maine is pretty cool. We have all sorts of weird shit lurking in the nooks and crannies (the Moxie store, to-scale solar exhibit, hubcap heaven, etc)

  7. We’re going to Wisconsin Dells, a place we discovered last year in the middle-of-nowhere Wisconsin (no hate, we live in the middle-of-nowhere ND) that has the biggest indoor waterparks in the world. Which is cool, because the fiance hates the ocean, but I love to swim, and we can’t really afford a trip big enough to get out of the middle bits of America. Wisconsin Dells has some seriously awesome waterparks, stuff like lazer tag, a kickass bed and breakfast scene, a shockingly good gourmet vegetarian restaurant, and some crazy tourist stuff. We’ll be inside if the weather is terrible but there’s plenty of hiking and such and attached outdoor waterparks if the weather is nice.

    Our second choice was camping in the Canadian mountains, but since we don’t have camping equipment yet we decided we’d rather take it easy. 🙂

    • I grew up in Wisconsin and love the Dells so hard! Take a Duck ride if the weather is nice….you’ll see the actual Dells and get some nature in with your touristy vacation. I’m so spoiled by the waterparks there….after going to Noah’s Ark growing up, anything else just seems dinky in comparison. Have fun!

      • I grew up in Wisconsin too. It just didn’t seem like summer until we took the annual trip to the Dells! The Tommy Bartlett water show was always a must see. The Ducks ride is a great way to see the local scenery. I agree with LittleOrangeMonkeys – any waterpark you go to after Noah’s Ark just seems small. Welcome to Wisconsin!

    • This sounds like a ton of fun! I love couples that have low key vacations and honeymoons. I feel like whenever you drop a ton of money on some highend vacay there is SO MUCH PRESSURE for everything to be perfect and to have fun every minute. I think my perfect honeymoon would be in an awesome and cozy b&b in a beautiful city(Quebec, Montpelier) where we could walk to restaurants and culture but also take a little drive and go for a hike or to museums if we want. No pressure and so romantic.

  8. Yes!! This is wonderful! I’m so glad more people are discussing this : ] My soon-t0-be hubby and I planned a cross-country road trip – from Washington state back to Boston, MA. We’ll be staying/stopping at Crater Lake, OR, Arches National Park, Mesa Verde, New Orleans, Shennandoah and a few other places. We are so excited and can’t wait!!

    • I grew up visiting national parks–all of those are absolutely breaktaking good choices 🙂

  9. We wanted to do something pretty chill and inexpensive , so we’re driving from our home in Pennsylvania to a luxury campground in the Adirondacks (they have real beds!) and then up to Montreal for a few nights for that European flair without the airfare.

  10. Our honeymoon was a pretty typical Hawaiian vacation. We were never again going to have that kind of money, so tropical we went! The only offbeat thing about it was that we spent a weekend in Honolulu for the express purpose of visiting the zoo. Sure, Waikiki beach was nice, but…zoo!

    • 🙂 we had our Honeymoon in Hawaii too, saw the aquarium but didn’t make it to the zoo tho. I bet it was amazing
      We only managed one stroll along Waikiki beach, and never actually sat on it! Lol

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