What I would register for: The honeymoon safari edition

Updated Mar 17 2017
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This is totally how I'll look on our honeymoon safari, right? (Photo by Sorakrit Pongdee – CC BY 2.0)

As I've said before, my fiancé and I are excited about the idea of a honeymoon, and registering for said honeymoon but… we aren't quite sure where to go yet. So I thought that, while I was doing some honeymoon research with the help of our longtime sponsor Traveler's Joy, I would share my findings with all y'all. Maybe we can help each other out?

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Alright, you've seen my Thailand and Iceland honeymoon registry plans. Now let's tackle our other idea… a honeymoon safari!

Keep in mind, if you know where you're going (and it ain't on safari) you can just head over to Traveler's Joy's Honeymoon Planning Guides and start scheming up plans for your own awesome honeymoon!

So this place exists… (Photo by sglobusCC BY 2.0

Africa is a big 'ol continent, so I'm not going to be getting into location specifics — this will be more general "things to put on your safari honeymoon registry" stolen from actual Traveler's Joy honeymoon registries! Feel free to copy and paste these ideas onto your honeymoon safari registry, or leave a comment with ideas that I've missed…


First things first: vaccinations. We want to come back from safari with memories and souvenirs, not dengue fever! And when else can you say you gave injections as a wedding gift?

First class upgrade

Help us travel in style (but mostly comfort!) on our 15+ hour journey to/from Africa. If you can't get an upgrade on your honeymoon, then when else?

OMG, this could be our dinner guest! (Photo by: hajo_sCC BY 2.0

A room with a view

There are things called Treetop Hotels in Africa — private bungalows situated high in the Baobab and Marula trees, overlooking the plains. Sometimes the elephants and giraffes come to eat the leaves right outside your window!

Dinner al fresco

While in the treetops we'd love to enjoy dinner al fresco served to us in our treehouse for two evenings, so that we can say we dined with elephants and giraffes.

middle of the road
We wanna be stuck in a whole different kind of traffic jam than in LA. (Photo by mommypantsCC BY 2.0

Safari time!

There's a lot that goes into a safari — travel by air and land, accommodations in the most unlikely of places, food, and bug spray, and gifts for the children of the local villages. Help us have the best honeymoon safari experience ever!

Nairobi National Park

The noble black rhino sanctuary is the highlight of Kenya’s first national park. But there are also lions, elephants, rhinos, ostrich, crocodiles, hippos, impalas, cranes, giraffes, zebras, etc. You know, just in case we don't see them all on safari.

Cage goes in the water, you go in the water. Shark's in the water.
The couple that stares death in the face together stays together? (By valkyrieh116CC BY 2.0

Great White Shark Cage Diving

We want to have the most comprehensive honeymoon safari ever — and that means seeing animals on land and under the water! Great White Shark cage diving has been a dream of mine for a long time.

Scuba diving in Zanzibar

We'll get to explore the crystal clear waters of one of the world's best diving sites. We'll see reefs populated with whale sharks, dolphins, turtles, & colorful fish.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

We'll take off to see the sun rise over the Maasai Mara reserve. During the Great Migration season — where the large animal herds travel north — this will be an unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Balloon Over the Serengeti
By: erikjacksonphotographyCC BY 2.0


We'd love to buy some local art and tapestries to decorate our house, and remember our amazing honeymoon. Give us the gift of bringing it all back with us?

Bottles of South African wine to enjoy

We will clearly have lots to celebrate, and… we also might need some extra liquid courage to put up with the giant African bugs.


Been to Africa before, or did your own research on what to do? Then suggest a favorite activity or place for us to check out that we might have missed!

This was just grains of sand in the vast desert that is African safari ideas! You can head over to see more detailed ideas from Traveler's Joy real honeymoon registries, or grab from their recommendations in Kenya! Either way, the first step to the best trip of your life is to register with Traveler's Joy!

  1. Please don't perpetuate colonialism by saying we need to be giving gifts to local children. As someone who has been working and living in East Africa for a number of years it's a much better policy to partner with a school, NGO, or community. Give responsibly.

    Dengue fever has no vaccination.

    Also, no love for gorilla tracking? Otherwise, great that there are more adventurous options being suggested for honeymoons!

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