Register for your honeymoon with Traveler's Joy (+ enter to win a free honeymoon!)

Updated Oct 12 2015
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So you and your life-mate-to-be have already got all the plates, silverware, and toasters that you need, but what you DON'T have is the the budget for a sweet-ass honeymoon. If you're the kind of couple that would much rather have an amazing vacation than a blender, check out Traveler's Joy — an online honeymoon registry.

Simply set up an account, and Traveler's Joy will provide you with a registry page to share your honeymoon travel plans with your wedding guests.

The pages are totally customizable — urls, page themes, and you can even create lists of items that your guests can "purchase" for you, such as "super romantic couples massage on the beach." Then your friends and family can log on to your page and leave their donation towards your honeymoon.

Honeymoon Giveaway: Right now, Traveler's Joy is sponsoring a giveaway for a seven night, all inclusive, vacation at Jungle Bay Resort and Spa on the island of Dominica. Click here for more details.

This is also a great alternative to the "how do we ask for money" question, which Ariel answered yesterday. If so many of your family and friends are asking for and/or expecting a traditional registry, well then their wishes have come true! All you have to do is register for what you REALLY need, direct them to where you two are registered and then let Traveler's Joy will care of the rest!

  1. Another option I've found is – if you want handmade stuff or help with wedding planning/setup or donations to charity or what have you, you can put it on here. You could even make a honeymoon registry and then link it to your registry – that's what me and mine plan to do. 🙂

  2. I literally just found this days ago. The beau and I were agonizing over how to ask for just money toward the honeymoon, and none of my friends, nor the MOB or FMIL had ever come across this situation, so I had no etiquette advice to be found. Lo and behold, Traveler's Joy exists, and it's SUPER easy to create a registry and change it as needed.

  3. loved their site at first but then found one that we like better called similar concept but let's you register for cash gifts for anything and i think really helps as an option to ariel's vlog about asking for cash gifts. we're registering for our honeymoon and home remodel stuff. includes a wedding website too, which i think was one of ariel's tips. totally agree this is the way to go.

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