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I don't know about you, but I LOVE the idea that I could buy a couple a hot rock massage during their honeymoon instead of some pot holders. Honeymoon registries have become a hot trend for this very reason. Our very longtime sponsor, Buy Our Honeymoon, is one of our favorite places to send couples in need of a way to fund their honeymoon. It's all about less stuff and more memories. Plus, they've got a sweet deal for Offbeat Bride readers! Let's check out what makes them tick and check out some sample registries.

What do the registries look like?

Let's take a look at a few examples:

What makes Buy Our Honeymoon rock our socks?

  • Advertising-free honeymoon registry pages
  • Password protect your registry
  • Include as many different items as you'd like
  • Include a second date in your registry search (for those double wedding party peeps out there)
  • Link your registry directly to your PayPal or Stripe
  • Buy Our Honeymoon doesn't take a commission on the gifts you're given (pay once and that's it)

Buy Our Honeymoon also has a great selection of discreet web addresses for your list, and their branding stays completely out-of-the-way so the focus is all on you. They also offer amazing design themes that work on smartphones, tablets, and desktops — and there are no ads anywhere to ruin the view.

You can organize your registry any way you want! You could separate everything into types of gifts, like meals out, travel expenses, hotels — or maybe you’re visiting more than one country and want to show different items for each. Include anything you want: adventure tours, wine tastings, dinner cruises, massages, diving with sharks, visits to museums… WAY more fun to gift than most things, in my humble opinion. You can even break up gifts into “group gifts” that allow multiple guests to contribute to save them some cashola.

They don’t make money from commission on your gifts or by selling your personal details, and there are no added costs or service fees for your guests. Instead, they have a simple, one-time fee of $64 (or £55 in the UK), together with a one-week zero-commitment free trial.

Ooh, special for Offbeat Bride readers:

If you sign up using the promotional code OBB15, Buy Our Honeymoon will take 20% off of their one-time fee!

You're spending money on your wedding, but you could be saving some cold hard cash on your honeymoon, all while your guests can give you seriously amazing memories instead of stuff you may just not even need. Go see what Buy Our Honeymoon is all about.

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