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buy-our-honeymoon.jpgSo, here's the deal: you've been together for years. You've got all the towels and plates and silverware you could ever need. You don't want any more vases, and you're not interested in candlesticks. But you are planning a three week adventure honeymoon across Argentina, and you have no idea how you're going to pay for it after putting on the wedding.

Enter buy-our-honeymoon.com and their honeymoon gift registries

Unlike some honeymoon registries (which take a cut of each gift) buy-our-honeymoon.com just does a one-time fee of $64. They have a bunch of non-froofy design themes, and keep their branding to an absolute minimum on your registry pages. You can upload your own photos for each item you list (Snack in Buenos Aires: $15. Night at hotel: $100), and organize your items into as many categories as you need, and display a second currency for each item, with the site managing the currency conversions for you. Oh, and their customer service is suuuper attentive, which is awesome if you're on the non-geeky side of things

Check out this sample registry for a couple who's honeymoon is Vancouver BC's pride weekend and imagine how you might put yours together.

Since buy-our-honeymoon.com doesn't take any commission from gifts, you can manage the payment however you want: by cash or check, or by linking your registry to a PayPal account so guests can use their credit cards to pay the couple directly. Buy-our-honeymoon.com doesn't hold onto your gifts — they're available to you from the moment they're given.

So, if you don't need plates or vases or flatwear or new bedsheets, head on over to buy-our-honeymoon.com and start assembling the little bits and pieces you'll need for your honeymoon.

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  1. Why does it even matter if someone else considers it tacky or rude? Isn’t this offbeatbride.com? Is anyone concerned whether or not someone thinks your red dress is tacky? Or OMG your tattoos are going to be showing? It’s your wedding, do what you want how you want…you won’t please everyone.

    In the words of my Kindergarten teacher, “Don’t worry about what others are doing or think about what you are doing, focus on what makes you happy!”

    It’s an endless debate, doesn’t really matter, nor will it sway someone who wants to do this anyway. Huffiness and Stephanie Tanner “how rudes!” make things not fun! if you don’t like it, don’t play … there is zero reason to ruin or damper anyone else’s fun other than your pointless need to voice your snotty opinion! You don’t like their HM registry? Well buy them a knife set and call it a day.

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