Honey wedding favors are an inside joke for couples who met on Bumble

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Honey from Etsy seller JR Bee Farm

These days, it seems like most couples meet on dating apps. If you and your sweety met on Bumble, and you want to have a brilliantly subtle little nod to your meet-cute origin story at your wedding, here's the perfect idea from Redditor essdee623: HONEY wedding favors!

Mini honeybears from Etsy seller JC Bees

If you want to DIY the project, of course you can get custom honey dippers.

These custom honey dippers are from FineGiftsEngraving

If you don't want to be totally understated, you could do cute little tags that say something like, “”Bumble made our lives a little sweeter. We hope some honey will make yours a little sweeter too. Thank you for bee-ing here on our special day!” We like these tags from Evermine.

You could do another twist on the idea by doing honey soap, like these little cuties.

Milk & Honey bumblebee soaps by Lotus & The Wolf

But what if you met on Tinder? Maybe… matchbooks?

Actually, can wedding favors being an inside joke about how you met become a new trend?!

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