Enjoy the show: How to make a homemade microwave popcorn favor

Guest post by Liz Gubernatis

finished favor

Popcorn is one of the most perfect foods for enjoying the show — and isn't your wedding one helluva show? Microwave popcorn is a great favor, and an inexpensive one — though commercial varieties are more expensive than this homemade version. Whether you're not a fan of artificial butter chemical flavorings, or want to add a personal flavor flair to your own popcorn, this project is a super-easy way to DIY a tasty favor.

Materials and Tools

make your own microwave popcorn


  • Spices to flavor your popcorn
  • Scrapbook paper and double sided tape or glue dots


Step 1: Measure 1/3 cup popcorn kernels and pour into bag, making sure they land in the bottom but still fold back up.

popcorn into bag

If you're going to add flavor, like a pinch of chili powder, cinnamon, etc. do that now, too.

Step 2: Place bag on table, bottom facing up, then fold as shown below — up once, then a shorter flap down three times.

folding the popcorn bag

Step 3: Add a mailing sticker to seal the bag – careful to line up the perforation with the fold.

add sticker to seal bag

This is a good place to add instructions – “Pop 2 minutes-ish” I hand-scrawl on these, though you can print onto them, too, or…

Step 4: Cut a strip of scrapbook paper (or recycled newspaper, old comic books, etc.) and wrap around the bag — seal with a strip of double sided tape or glue dots. This gives you a place to add instructions for popping, if you didn't want to write it on the mailing seal. You can write on the paper, or affix a sticker with printed instructions, wedding logo, goofy jokes, whatever you like.

All done! Super easy, and a great “do while watching a season of something on Netflix” project. Enjoy the show!

finished favor


Adding flavors and quips/quotes to this favor allows for a lot of customization. You can add this to welcome bags for out-of-towners, make up a few for your bridesdudes and groomsladies, or send to folks who can't make it, with a link to your wedding webcam feed.


Buying popcorn in bulk, and plain paper lunch sacks, this favor can cost less than 50 cents each. Your mileage may vary, though – if you're a foodie, you might want to go the gourmet route, and if you're adding saffron (which would be cool) it's clearly going to get pricier. Spices, if any, should be added sparingly. A generous pinch, at most. So if you're looking to make taco-flavored popcorn, one packet of seasoning should make quite a few favors.

Your Turn!

Will you be designing your own microwave popcorn? Tell us how you'll make this project your own in the comments below.

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  1. I haven’t tried this yet, but in general for seasoning, I like a little smoked paprika on my popcorn! It should be cheap, easy and FUN to experiment with a few varieties before making up a whole batch of favors. And who couldn’t use an excuse for a few laid back movie nights before their wedding?

  2. I LOVE this idea for my wedding in April simply because I just love popcorn!! This is so easy and looks inexpensive. Can you tell me how you word the popping directions? How do you like this saying, “Love is sweet, enjoy this treat!” I saw it on pinterest. If you put seasoning or no seasoning in the bags, how long can the packages last? I am just thinking because I may do this when I have time off in Feb even though my wedding is in Aril. thank you!!

  3. Great idea! I’m going to make this for Christmas for my son who’s a college freshman and loves microwave popcorn.

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