Tribe member Angie is a self-described “brew goddess, and competent bride-to-be” and she has shown off both of these attributes by homebrewing her very own pumpkin porter beer for her fall wedding! And she got her “Woman of Awesome” to illustrate the custom labels. How awesome is this!?


Cheers to you Angie. I bet your beer is going to taste as great as it looks, have one (or several) for me.

Tribe members can check out a close up of the custom beer label here and everyone can check out her “Woman of Awesome's” Etsy shop with more custom illustrations here.

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  1. My fiance and I are hoping to do this as well. It's the only part of wedding planning that he's excited about. He wants to keg it, but I think it would be a lot of fun to get custom labels.

  2. My fiance and I are home brewers too and are planning to make a batch for our wedding. This looks yummy and porter is so nice for fall. Cheers Angie!

  3. I wish we'd had the time to do this, FH's dad used to make home brewed root beer, would have been wonderful to serve at the wedding. Pumpkin porter sounds delicious, and the label is beautiful!

  4. We really want to do this to and my FH has brewed in the past. Problem is we are having the wedding back in Ohio and it could be a bit difficult to transport all that beer from Colorado to Ohio. If anyone has some tips for that problem let us know because it would really excite the FH to know we could still brew.

  5. I just wanted to join in with a comment about how great the title " Woman of Awesome" is. I was "maid of awesome" at my best friend's wedding this summer, they even got my gift engraved with it!

  6. The label is awesome as is the title of the woman who designed them! Bravo! I bet that was some tasty brew.

  7. We're serving our homebrew as well! We made an Imperial Stout, Smoked Scotch Ale, Hefeweizen, and Hard Cherry Cider. We're also making Root Beer for those that don't drink. I even created labels that were stylized after Victorian medicine bottles.

  8. Bottles of homebrew remain the BEST wedding favor I have ever received at a wedding. (And it was nearly 10 years ago when I got them.) They were the groom's handiwork, and they were delicious.

    Beats out a heart shaped cake knife or a cheese board anytime, since I actually used them!

  9. That's very cool! Very nice label design and very seasonal brew! Wish I could try some of that, as I'm kind of on a pumpkin ale kick recently!

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