Holy pink sneaks Batman!

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The Offbeat Bride Flickr pool never disappoints, let me tell ya. I spied these sensational hot pink bejeweled sneaks and went BERSERK! How hott are those?!

Lilana5 posted some seriously amazing pics from her wedding last year. Including her stunning headdress, which was designed by her husband (!). And speaking of her hubs.. he looks equally as dashing in his garb, and this romantic shot of the two in wedded bliss. Yes, please! RAWR.

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  1. Hi! I’m so glad you guys liked the pictures!!!
    One tiny thing, though…my name is ‘Lilana’, not ‘Liliana’!
    (The Flickr link is correct, but the link text isn’t). Thanks!!!

  2. Omg! Thanks for posting this. I love the Grooms clothing. I plan on sewing my own dress and the more I think about it I might like to make my man’s outfit as well.

  3. Next time I’m in Vegas,I’m so getting those sneaks! Awesome! Thank you for sharing!

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