Sarah & Aaron’s Hockey-Themed Wedding ON ICE!

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The Offbeat Bride: Sarah, Freelance Writer and Editor (and OBT member Icedinogirl.)

Her Offbeat Partner: Aaron, Business Process Consultant

Location & date of wedding: Richfield Ice Arena, Minnepolis, MN — 4/4/09

What made our wedding offbeat: Our wedding was offbeat for several reasons. Primarily, because it was on the ice at a hockey arena. All of the wedding party wore skates (well, one didn't due to health reasons). We wanted our wedding day to be a celebration of our love for each other in a unique and personal way.

The ceremony on ice.
The ceremony on ice.

We received varied responses from people when they found out that our wedding would be on ice. But most people thought it was a really neat and unique idea. Even Aaron thought I was joking when I brought up the idea of our wedding on ice, but I shared my vision and eventually he warmed to the idea. My mother also thought it was crazy — I remember her asking “Where will people sit?” In the bleachers!

Just like I didn't want a cookie-cutter wedding, neither of us could stand the thought of depleting our savings for a one day celebration. We knew we could make it fun and special without breaking the bank. We did this in many ways — Home-made favors (chocolate hockey pucks!), picking a reception site that offered a lot of little things included in the package (table centerpieces, cake service, etc). Luckily, I wanted a no-frills, tea-length dress and was able to find one that I loved and was cheap (in terms of wedding dresses). My complete ensemble came to a grand total of $194. That was less than our cake!


Our biggest challenge: We had a few challenges surrounding our wedding party. There were circumstances that could have prevented all of my attendants from being at the wedding.

The bridal party off the ice.
The bridal party off the ice.

First my brother (my Man of Honor) and his wife were expecting a baby. The due date was two days before the wedding. Obviously, if his wife was in labor he couldn't be at the wedding. Second, my cousin, the Maid of Honor, had to fly in from LA the morning of the wedding. Missing the flight, or a delay, was a major concern. Lastly, my best friend from high school, the Matron of Honor, was battling Leukemia and in her final week of radiation treatment. She was doing well, but there was always the possibility that she wouldn't be healthy enough to be with us. Adding to that, she was on blood thinners and a slip on the ice could have been devastating.

In the end, the little bundle of joy arrived two weeks early and was there to celebrate with us. My cousin's flight arrived on time (at 7am) and she was surprisingly bright-eyed at the wedding. And my friend was safe on the ice and well enough to celebrate the wedding and most of the reception with us. (She's doing very well now that her treatment is through!)

My favorite moment: I've never felt more exhilarated taking the ice than I did that day. As a hockey player, that feeling of stepping out onto the ice is always thrilling — but this was epic. The wedding party skated out one at a time to their position on the ice. First the groom, Aaron, then we rotated attendants from each side. Each time someone took the ice the crowed roared. It was awesome. It was like being the starting line for the home team in the Stanley Cup finals! (I do have to say, I received the loudest cheer 🙂 )

My advice for other brides: Make sure it's something you will enjoy. Don't stress out about tiny details that you won't remember a year from now. Those little things don't matter. Keep the big picture in mind and remember: the wedding does not make the marriage.

On a financial note, don't spend money you don't have. And don't be afraid to forgo things that you don't see as necessary just because other people expect them. (Those disposable cameras on the table were such a waste of money!)

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Enough talk — show me the wedding porn!
Click on the photo below to see what happens when to two hockey players get married!


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  1. So so so sooo unique and fun! I’m sort of (totally) jealous of everyone’s bodily coordination. I’m worried about tripping over my feet and there you are getting married on ice with skates on!

  2. I love this so much, I can’t even type about it!
    I’m a figure skater & wanted a similar idea, my husband, (fiance at the time) said NO WAY. Lucky girl for doing something so unique!

  3. Since I am from Edmonton (one of the more hockey obsessed cities in the world), I just had to say that this is an AWESOME wedding.

  4. What a great idea! You are lucky they were so coordinated they could all skate out and line up! I love the sound of the cheers from the crowd. And those are some beautiful flowers! Congratulations to you both

  5. How awesome! I just love that you got married on the ice, the cheers from the crowd was the best part!!! Cheers to you!

  6. I love this — the cheering crowd sounds great!

    My fiance and I met playing hockey and we are getting married this summer at the Hockey Hall of Fame. Go, hockey weddings!

    No ice for us, but we will have the Stanley Cup. 🙂 Congratulations on your wedding — looks like so much fun!

  7. Thanks everyone! I love hearing from all the other hockey players/fans!

    We had a great time and will never forget our wedding on ice.

    Kelly, that’s so awesome that you’re getting married at the HHOF! We did consider having a Stanley Cup cake made, but that probably would have blown our budget!

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