Monday Montage: historically-inspired wedding outfits of epic proportions

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After browsing the Offbeat Bride Flickr pool this week, I started obsessing over all of these fabulously ornate and historically influenced wedding costumes. Let me tell you, the details on these outfits are impressive. Now, I share with you a couple of fabulous Renn Faire dresses, some stately steampunk gear, and two fantastic vintage duos.

MrsCherry finally had her princess moment when she got weddinged to Justin at the Renn Faire. This photo looks like an ancient painting of a royal family. And how cute is that royal baby?! AWW.

Jenni and Rik had ninety days to get married so that Rik could obtain a Visa. So, they had a small elopement in Sedona, AZ. They donned vintage garb inspired by the 1900s. Jenni wore a romantically flowly, bell-sleeved gown with some bad ass, lace-up, victorian boots.

Running through the Faire…
Brandon and Katrina got married at the Renaissance Faire in Waxahachie, TX. Katrina dressed like a princess and Brandon like a pirate. In this photo it looks like Brandon just rescued Katrina from the castle and now they are making their escape…

The Elephant Ride @ Scarborough Faire, Waxahachie TX
…then hopping on this elephant to make their final getaway!

This couple had a steampunk-themed wedding at the Museum Gustavianum in Sweden. Their wedding theme was inspired by the book, “The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.” The bride even made a paper bouquet out of it! They totally nailed it. Just take a closer look at the bride's amazing headpiece!

Photo thanks to Jennifer Peel

The train in the background totally sets the perfect scene for this couple's 1940s-themed wedding. They look classic.

daddy and I 2
Tera looked absolutely stunning as her father walked her down the aisle in her amazing blue and gold corset and white tulle overskirt! Her outfit was just too good for shoes.

Fiona and Mark had a swanky, steampunk and Edwardian themed wedding at the Signet Library, in Edinburgh, Scotland. I love all of the decadent details, like Fiona's bedazzled shoes and their hot air balloon cake.

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Hey, photographers! I love you and do my best to attribute all Monday Montage photos, but sometimes brides don't include your info when they submit photos. If I've featured your work but it isn't properly credited, email me!

Comments on Monday Montage: historically-inspired wedding outfits of epic proportions

  1. Aww, I love the Ren Faire pics, especially Brandon and Katrina from my own hometown Scarborough Faire! And the steampunk weddings are lovely, detailed, and inspiring. That’s why this site has become one of my recent favourites; people in love expressing their creativity, sense of fun, and passion for their shared interests as well as each other.

    • Please get photos on flickr and submit your profile!! Looks awesome! Love the grooms gear!

  2. These historical wedding ensembles make my heart sing! The couples look amazing and so very happy. I highly approve of this Monday Montage!

  3. I want to read full profiles for all of these!!! (esp the 1940’s and princess/pirate weddings)

  4. Ugh, looking at these photos make me get the itch for ren faire! I can’t wait to get back into my garb 😀

  5. Wow, that first photo DOES look like an ancient painting. At first glance I thought it was, until I saw the groom’s out-of-place smile. How freaking cool is that photo!!

    • I am actually getting the picture done in a painting by a man on etsy, so I can hang it up in our home! The photog that took this is amazing. So glad that we could have two talented people to catch the day. One of the photogs actually made all of the garb that everyone wore that day too!

  6. Can we pretty, pretty please see the bride profile for that Edinburgh wedding? I’m about ready to explode of curious glee!

    • I guess I could submit it. I hadn’t because I didn’t think it would be accepted for various reasons.

      • Fiona,

        The shoes are absolutely gorgeous! I’d love to have similar pair in either black or pewter gray. I can’t find anything remotely like these online.

        Where did you find your steampunk shoes? Or did you create them yourself?

  7. Does anyone know where Fiona found her steampunk shoes? Or did she create them herself?

    The shoes are absolutely gorgeous! I’d love to have similar pair in either black or pewter gray. I’ve looked and looked online but nothing comes close to these.

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