Do you hide your wedding media before you’re actually engaged?

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Hide yo' mags, hide yo' blogs! (Photo by: Maegan TintariCC BY 2.0)
Hello Offbeat Bride. First, I wanted to say that I do love your website and can't wait to be able to apply to become part of the Tribe! That being said, I have a question:

I was wondering if anyone has tackled the question of having wedding paraphernalia (e.g. magazines, etc.) in the home of a pre-engaged couple, if said couple has talked about marriage. Just curious if there are thoughts on etiquette.

I have two camps of friends:

Those that think I shouldn't hide anything and if I feel the need to, there's something wrong. And those that say “Don't show him! You'll scare him!”

I'm curious to know everyone's thoughts on this topic. -Sharon

You know how we feel about most everything here… if it feels good, and it doesn't hurt anyone, DO EET! Don't hide what you're into. Geeks of all kinds are awesome, and if you're geeking out on wedding media, that's awesome too.

Of course, I wasn't the type to geek out on wedding stuff before I got engaged (mostly because I wasn't the type to think I was going to find some chump to sign up for the Megan special FOREVER), so my outlook may not be plausible in practice. That's why I'm turning this question over to our readers…

Fess up, guys. Who here has gotten an early start on wedding planning through the form of purchasing magazines or browsing wedding blogs? Do you hide those mags and clear the browser history? Or do you let your wedding freak flag fly in front of your not-yet-affianced partner?

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