These hidden chest wedding favors are like a mystery subscription box for your guests

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 | Photography by The Cine Collective
Hidden chest wedding favors as seen on @offbeatbride
Photos by The Cine Collective

Hazi and Matt did a ton of seriously fun things at their woodland rainbow wedding, but their hidden chest wedding favors were especially intriguing. they took five chests full of geeky, gamer, and fantasy-themed loot and hid them around the reception area. Whoever found them got to keep all the loot!

These hidden chest wedding favors are making my day and I want one. They're almost like a monthly mystery box for your wedding guests. They also had favors for everyone that were little cardboard chests full of handmade chocolates, a love potion bubble bath bottle, and a key ring with the guest's name. Swoon.

Hidden chest wedding favors as seen on @offbeatbride
The lewt!

Would you consider giving your guests some hidden treasure to find around the reception? What would you include?

In case you missed this amazing woodland rainbow wedding, head on over to see the rest!

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Comments on These hidden chest wedding favors are like a mystery subscription box for your guests

  1. Love it! We lived in San Francisco when we met, so hiking in Muir Woods was a favorite of ours. We always played “Spot the Banana Slug” and I was wayyyyyyy better at it then my fiance. So we’re hiding banana slugs (toys, of course) around our reception area for our guests to find. We’ll have a prize for each one found 🙂

  2. This would really work well with a nautical/sea themed wedding. You could have one that was “the mermaid’s treasure”, one that was “the pirate’s treasure”, and one that was, uh, the manatee’s treasure…? I don’t know, help me out here…

    Anyway, each treasure box could have surprises matching the theme! Mermaid bubble bath and a cheap paperback with mermaids, a faux pearl necklace, a shell hair comb, and shell chocolates. Pirate temporary tattoos, an eye patch, pirates booty popcorn, a small toy parrot, chocolate gold coins. Etc!

  3. I love the idea in the article! We’re having a pirate-themed wedding and are hoping to have a treasure hunt if we can pull it off. The venue is a 17th century manor house and has acres of grounds that we can use with statues and other landmarks that could make good clues. It’ll lead to a cache of prizes, but so far we’re not sure what beyond rum and chocolate coins! So if anyone has ideas feel free to share them 🙂

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