Personalize Hershey's Kiss favors with DIY stickers

September 12 2012 | bijouxandbits
Photo by Emily Binder

Tribesmaid MissSarah scattered these super cute Hershey's Kisses on the tables, and each had a little personalized sticker on the bottom. For a similar stealth greeting for your guests, you can hit up any number of printing and favor sites, or you can even print your own!

You could also turn this into a kissing game like our D20 alternative to clinking glasses. Make two labels (one for kissing, one for not), put kisses into a jar, and have guests pull them out to see if you'll have to kiss each other!

  1. These are cute!

    I actually MC'd for a wedding that did a Hershey's Kiss game that is slightly more budget friendly.

    Instead of custom kisses, we put three different colours of kisses into an opaque jar. If the guest pulled a silver Kiss the bride and groom kissed. If they pulled a purple Kiss the guest would kiss someone of their choice. If they pulled a blue kiss the guest would kiss someone of the bride and groom's choice.

    It was super cute and went over really well.

    (And that comment may use the word "kiss" more than any in OBB history!)

  2. may be stealing this idea. If anyone else is wondering, Asda sells them if you're after a UK supplier

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