Combine traditions and interests with a Henna & Halo party

Guest post by Elizabeth S
 | Photography by Steller Photo
Henna and Halo

The night before our interfaith wedding, we had a big party. My partner Shreyas' mom wanted to have a henna party, where all the women get mehendi, but she wanted to have the guys come, too. Shreyas objected, saying mehendi was a “girl thing” and didn't want to do it. We compromised by having a manly activity too, and thus the Henna & Halo party was born.

Of course, girls played Halo 3 and a bunch of guys got mehendi done, but the important thing was the giant ice cream bar full of farm-to-table ice cream my mom had flown in from my hometown!

When we were out doing the portraits before the wedding, Dustin saw this amazing graffiti of the Halo symbol right below “Let us love us.” I think it's the entire weekend in a nutshell, right here.

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  1. What a cute idea!
    Also, not to split hairs, but that’s not the Halo symbol; it’s the Half-Life symbol. 🙂

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