Use Cocroft and Delbridge’s custom fabric flowers to keep your wedding day memories alive

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Rosey-Gold-ThreeOur sponsor Cocroft and Delbridge designs bouquets made of high-quality ribbons, fabrics and embellishments. Whether your style is classically elegant, girly with a touch of vintage, beautifully bohemian, glitzy glam, or rocker chic, Cocroft and Delbridge is going to hook you up with fabric flowers that'll make you think twice before throwing that bouquet.

Speaking of bouquets, let's take a look at all the ways Cocroft and Delbridge can outfit your wedding with flowers that, much like the Goonies, will never say die…

Mini-PurpleNot only will your Cocroft and Delbridge bouquet never die, but it can live on as an heirloom, or become a way to remember someone who couldn't be there with you on your wedding day. That's because Cathy, the owner, maker, and designer creates her fabric flower pieces with heirloom-qualities in mind.

Plum-and-Pink-321x482Speaking of heirlooms… With Cocroft and Delbridge you can easily get a custom bouquet made from things like your mom's wedding dress, a favorite blanket, or brooches, as a memorial piece. Or as Cathy put it in her blog:

I think a lot when I'm working and I began wondering… what do people do with the piece of clothing, blanket, hankie, brooch, etc., that they hang on to, to remember those that they have loved and lost? Do you have it in a beautiful box or at the bottom of your dresser or in your jewelry box? What if you could display it where everyone could see it and you could share your story? Let's create an heirloom together!

DSC_0254-727x484Beyond her gorgeous bouquets and boutonnieres, I think my favorite pieces from Cocroft and Delbridge are the hair fascinators. And they start at only $20!

IMG_16691If dollars is what is keeping you from having Cocroft and Delbridge create a one-of-a-kind, custom floral masterpiece for you, check out this special offer…

OFFBEAT DISCOUNT: Cocroft and Delbridge is offering a 5% discount to any of our readers. All you have to do is:

  • like their business on Facebook
  • leave a comment letting Cocroft and Delbridge know you found them through Offbeat Bride
  • then Cocroft and Delbridge will apply the discount once you place your order!
Ooh, check out this mask Cocroft and Delbridge made for a Masquerade Ball/Bridal Show! Seriously, you're custom options are wide open!
Ooh, check out this mask Cocroft and Delbridge made for a Masquerade Ball/Bridal Show! Seriously, your custom options are wide open!

Special discounts on forever-preserved memories in your kick-ass wedding flowers? Custom orders made just for your themed wedding? Yeah, it's total no-brainer: let Cocroft and Delbridge's talented hands make your custom wedding flowers.

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Comments on Use Cocroft and Delbridge’s custom fabric flowers to keep your wedding day memories alive

  1. So I am totally biased but my mom’s work never ceases to amaze me! 🙂

  2. Love the idea that my bouquet could last a lifetime buuut..i don’t know if they can replace the softness and beautifull smell of a real flower..yes it’s a great ideea but you have to you want them to last that long?Of course this is my opinion but hey great work :0

    • I can truly understand wanting fresh flowers but consider mixing a few fabric flowers with your real flowers and then you have the best of both worlds! Thank you for the feedback! :).

  3. Yesss! This would be perfect for me, I had been looking for alternatives to real flowers and these look really good. I hope they ship outside the US…

    • Hi Tina,

      This is Cathy Wynn owner of Cocroft and Delbridge. We would be happy to work with you and we can ship internationally. Feel free to email us so we can work out details.

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