9 wedding heels with hidden surprises

Updated Oct 31 2019
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Wedding shoes with hidden secrets as seen on Offbeat Bride

All these shoes have a little surprise for you. It might be something on the sole, something hiding behind the heel, or just a subtle visual element that isn't immediately obvious. Also, pretty much all of them are sky-high heels — sorry flats-lovers!

First, we've got these shoes above that look like sparkly platforms and then (SURPRISE!) feature tattoo-inspired mortality reminders on the soles.

Speaking of mortality reminders…

Shoes with hidden secrets as seen on Offbeat Bride

Love the rainbow rhinestones, and then hidden skulls!

Hidden hearts
Wedding shoes with hidden hearts as seen on Offbeat Bride
These hearts are totally tucked away under the balls of your feet

Gold shoes in the front — BRIDE & GROOM IN THE REAR

The front view:
Irregular Choice All Dressed Nuptial Heel

The back view:
irregular choice back

(PS: Yeah, these are heteronormative as hell. I guess novelty shoes haven't caught up with the times yet…)

Peekaboo! Your something blue is hidden under your shoe

Peek-a-boo blue with these shoes
Peek-a-boo blue with these Betsey Johnson shoes

These bridal white shoes actually have skulls hiding on them

Wedding shoes with hidden skulls!
Tiny skulls… I see you!

These look like striped heels… SURPRISE BUTTERFLIES!

peekaboo butterflies
Just your run of the mill holographic striped shoes… WITH BUTTERFLIES

Party in the front, unicorn in the back!

Moments of Magic Heel in Coral
Irregular Choice does it again… this time with non-heteronormative unicorns.

Polkadots on the outside, lambs underneath!

Oh wait and there are skulls in there too!
Oh wait and there are skulls in there too!

Random bonus shoe

Dot on Your Heel

  1. I pretty much love these posts! I mean come on little gold metal skulls (squeee!) and the random bonus shoe, man, totally awesome!

  2. Oh, how I wish someone would make really incredibly cute shoes like these with a one inch or less heel. Anything more than that causes Charley horses, and I can't be walking down an aisle with cramps in my legs…. not to mention, I would probably fall down. 🙂

  3. Those unicorn shoes would have been my wedding shoes if they hadn't come out a year after I got married.. Oh well!

  4. These are lovely bridal shoes! I was so excited about what shoe to wear to my wedding that I bought one even though it is still about 8 months away! Mine is a bit traditional though, sequined pumps, really simple but feminine.

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