Wedding heels with hidden surprises

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Wedding shoes with hidden secrets as seen on Offbeat Bride

All these shoes have a little surprise for you. It might be something on the sole, something hiding behind the heel, or just a subtle visual element that isn't immediately obvious. Also, pretty much all of them are sky-high heels — sorry flats-lovers!

Sadly, those shoes above are discontinued, but these very similar custom painted shoes are available on Etsy…

Peek-a-boo blue with these shoes

Of course, if you want a little surprise on the soles of your wedding shoes, you can just get decals to stick on the bottom of whatever heels you want!

Want hearts on the soles of your shoes? You can put these heart-shaped non-slip pads on ANY heels you want to give them a romantic push:

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  1. One thing I didn’t know I needed: a Taylor Says/Irregular Choice appreciation post

    Another thing I didn’t know I needed: everything pictured in this post.

  2. I pretty much love these posts! I mean come on little gold metal skulls (squeee!) and the random bonus shoe, man, totally awesome!

  3. Oh, how I wish someone would make really incredibly cute shoes like these with a one inch or less heel. Anything more than that causes Charley horses, and I can’t be walking down an aisle with cramps in my legs…. not to mention, I would probably fall down. 🙂

  4. Those unicorn shoes would have been my wedding shoes if they hadn’t come out a year after I got married.. Oh well!

  5. These are lovely bridal shoes! I was so excited about what shoe to wear to my wedding that I bought one even though it is still about 8 months away! Mine is a bit traditional though, sequined pumps, really simple but feminine.

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