TWEE SQUEE: wedding shoes with little hearts

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While the Vivienne Westwood Melissa Grey Lady Dragon pumps pictured above might be the most iconic heart-emblazoned wedding shoe, these days I'm seeing a lot of stupid-cute shoes with hearts on them. I remember when I first did a round-up of heart wedding shoes back in 2010, it was a challenge. Suddenly, it's not quite as hard to get literal with your wedding day love-inspired footwear.

Let's take a look at some be-hearted pumps, flats, sandals, and oxfords. Oh, and for those of you going for the “slip into some flip-flops at the reception” strategy, I've got some heart-emblazoned Vivienne Westwoods for you!

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  1. Can we talk about that random bonus shoe? I feel like that’s going to be the affordable wedding shoe of the summer… $60, walkable heel, and SPARKLES?! Yes.

  2. Just snagged the wedges! I’ve been looking for wedges to wear to the rehearsal and after wedding brunch and these are PERFECT! I may even change into them at the reception if my big ole boots get too hot!

  3. I really really “heart” this post! Hearts have always been one of my favorite shapes and I do plan to incorporate some in my wedding.

  4. lol very cute collection. I’m looking for wedges though. I’m having a beach wedding so I probably wouldn’t be able to walk on the sand on heels or I’d be creating tiny holes all over.

  5. I know this is a really old post, but I love the idea of hearts on shoes for the wedding, and I just ordered the Mel by Melissa heart shoes from Zappos, that look like those Vivienne Westwood ones but they are PLASTIC!

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