Forget your sleeve: wear your heart on your FEET

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I'm feeling quite literal today: Weddings! Love! Hearts! Really, for the literalist, there are two days when you should wear heart shoes: Valentine's Day and your wedding day. In celebration of the latter, I decided to go trawling for shoes that give me a (wait for it) heart on. HA HA! Get it? In this post you'll find sparkly heart shoes, some grey options, a couple yellow heart heels, some heart-y sneakers (including custom converse!), and a few flats. Let's do this!





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Comments on Forget your sleeve: wear your heart on your FEET

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE all these. My shoes had hearts on the soles, purely by coincidence.

  2. It’s probably a good thing for my wedding budget that everything is out of stock in my size.
    The bird shoes made my brain liquify and pour out my nose from cute overload.

  3. Hands up if you were a Lady Dragon (first shoes here, by Vivienne Westwood) bride! I had blue ones. And I have worn them a few times since. They always get a lot of compliments! I’ve seen a few offbeat brides wear them in different colours, because they are super cute and fairly comfy.

  4. OK the red heart flats are AH-MAZING. I immediately went to order them…out of stock in Sz 11!

  5. I have to admit, the NSFW warning meant I spent more time looking for butts than looking at shoes.

  6. As someone who owns five pairs of Melissa shoes, do not ever doubt that they are the most comfy things ever in terms of heels. You will wear them for years. Now excuse me but I must go buy the ones with the hearts.

  7. OMG the bird ones are so adorable. Maybe you’ve done it already but that might be a fun theme for a shoe post, ones with animals 🙂 although they’d probably end up all being from Modcloth.

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