Serve heart-shaped waffles and pancakes at your wedding brunch

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I found this heart-shaped waffle iron over on Amazon and thought HOLY SHIT! This would be so awesome for y'alls wedding brunches. Food always tastes better when it's shaped like awesome things… like waffle hearts, or…

heart-shaped pancakes! I mean, I know my pancakes taste better when they're shaped like Star Wars characters. They must taste even better when shaped like love.

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Comments on Serve heart-shaped waffles and pancakes at your wedding brunch

    • Dude, the Yoda is IMPOSSIBLE!!!! I think it’s his way of teaching us all patience, like the Jedi fucking master he is.

  1. Hmmmm…perhaps I will ask FH’s colleague who makes cast iron skillets to make an anatomical heart one for us. ’cause I’m an anatomy geek…

  2. Traditionaly Scandiavian waffles were/are generally made using a heart shaped griddle.

  3. This is like the Spaghetti Ice all over again 😀 I find it funny when you Americans find out about things I thought were normal – like heart-shaped waffle irons. I think I have never seen any other kind of waffle iron here in Germany 😀

  4. Ha! Both of those things are on my registry!!!! Great minds think alike!!! 🙂

    We’re self-catering our brunch reception and I’m hoping someone will buy those for us in advance, so I can use them 🙂

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