Classy and heavily inked Hawaiian wedding

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This photo of Mariko encapsulates her and Jeremy's insanely classy-with-a-bite Hawaiian wedding:


But really, you must see the entire set of shots by Hawaii photographer Frank Amodo, which includes portraits that will make you love bamboo even more than you already probably do:

If you don't have the patience for the slideshow, just start scrolling:

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  1. The bride is gorgeous! I love her hair and and, of course, her tattoos!
    ps- This looks like the same location as Sun & Jin's wedding on LOST. It is soo beautiful!

    • It is. It's Valley of the Temples on Oahu. It is a beautiful picturesque Byodo-In (I think). I like the temples back in HNL, there are lots of different ones… if you like that type of thing I would look around a bit, because I bet this one will be very very busy thanks to Lost (I am a fan too).

  2. So happy to see a groom in Air force 1s, you see alot of Converse around these parts, but AF1s are CLASSIC!

  3. I am speachless, that is a beautiful wedding, and it has been presented so fantastically. WOW is all i can say

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