Have grandmas as flower girls!

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 | Photography by Genevieve Leiper
Photos by Genevieve Leiper (warning for those at work: that link auto-plays music!)
Photos by Genevieve Leiper (warning for those at work: that link auto-plays music!)

How can you not be completely fucking charmed by these grandmas as flower girls at Lana & Michael's wedding? When I saw these two, I pretty much said “awwwwww” until I completely deflated like a balloon. Say it with me now: Awwwwwwwwwwwww…

Photos by Genevieve Leiper

Big thanks to Laura from Rebel Belle Weddings[ for bringing these two to my attention! And for those of you considering alt-flower girls, don't forget about my favorite flower girl alternative of all time.

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Comments on Have grandmas as flower girls!

  1. I love that the headline to this makes it sound like I’d be buying them in. Is there a place for hiring grandmas?

    Gorgeous pictures.

  2. omg!!! This actually made my eyes water. Wish we still had our grandmas so we could do this :*) So awesome.

  3. You’re so welcome! I had the same reaction when I came across them on Pinterest (hooray Pinterest!). It’s the sweetest thing I’ve seen in for-ev-ah and I so hope one of my clients wants to do this some day.

  4. I would like to know more about the list of names behind them in the last photo… is that a list of all the couples and how long they have been married?

  5. That would definitely not work for me, unfortunately. I have three grandmothers (one is my dad’s stepmom), and let’s just say one of them stole the other’s husband. Because that’s what happened. I love all of them to bits, but I’d rather not have an old lady catfight in the middle of my ceremony

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