How to make hanging Mason Jar tealight holders

Guest post by BerettaFleur
Photo by Geoff L Johnson.

BerettaFleur recently made her own hanging Mason Jar tealight holders to illuminate her wedding venue. Here's how you can do the same.

Things you will need:

Step 1: Peel labels off jars (if they have labels) and wash them.

Step 2: Wrap floral wire loosely around the bottom of the jar to get an idea of the length you'll need. Leaving it 1-3 inches longer, cut the wire. (This will go around the mouth of the jar.) Make it into a circle, but don't close the circle off.

Step 3: Cut two more pieces of wire, about 3-4 inches long each. (These will be handles for the wire hanger or ribbons.) Position the shorter pieces in loops on opposing sides of the circle wire. bend then so that it attaches in a loop around the center circular wire, like handles. You'll want them both placed under and then bent up over the wire so that they don't risk coming undone. Fasten them closed around the circular wire by bending tightly or even twisting, then clipping off loose ends with wire cutters.

Step 4: Loop the main circle piece around the mouth of the jar, under the lowest lip, with the handles intact and flipped up. Twist the ends of the circular wire to tighten it around the mouth of the jar,, as tight as you can, then cut off the excess. (If you twist it tightly and then cut, rather than just cutting it to size in the first place, there are less pokey ends to deal with.)

Step 5: Loop one final long piece of wire around the two “handles,” or thread long yarn, rattan, or ribbon through the handles, making a large loop, and tie in bows. It's up to you — I did wire. Just make sure it's far enough away from the mouth of the jar so it won't like, catch on fire.

Hang them alone, color them with watercolor paint or glaze for a colored effect, or group them together for a chandelier-like effect. You can even hang them with ribbon instead of a wire handle. Enjoy!

Comments on How to make hanging Mason Jar tealight holders

  1. Could you use a votive or other candle thats a bit larger than a tealight (for longer burning time)

  2. Love this project! I asked my husband about the wire. He said Armature wire in 8 or 10 guage would work. They make it in aluminum so it is easy to bend.

  3. Beautiful! I love the sand at the bottom. I am actually going to try and mix in some coloured sand to match the decor for an engagement part.

  4. Adding sand at the bottom of the jar adds a creative effect. Also, hanging the in weddings would add in more romance in the air. Love this!

  5. The first picture by Geoff Johnson is from my wedding in October 2010. Had no idea y’all put it up here. My bridesmaids, my husbands groomsmen, and I made about 50 of the mason jars for the wedding. Thanks for featuring my DIY wedding in your blog 😀

  6. I think the sand in the bottom helps keep direct heat off the jar, making it less likely to crack.

  7. How do you handle water drainage if you leave them outdoors indefinitely – assuming it will eventually rain. Can you somehow drill tiny holes in the bottom of the jar?

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