11 pairs of Halloween wedding shoes

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If it's August, that means that some of you are planning your Halloween weddings. And even if you're NOT planning a Halloween wedding, others of you might just like creepy shoes peeking out from beneath the hem of your wedding outfit.

So I went hunting for Halloween wedding shoes, and you know what? They're either, like, novelty-shoe-dirt-cheap or haute-couture-stupid-expensive. As always with my shoe posts, I offer you both ends of the spectrum all mixed together and without commentary. There are definitely lots of skull shoes here, as well as a couple options on the more steampunk bootie end of the spectrum…

skull boots on offbeat bride

steampunk shoe

gold and red flame heels

halloween wedding shoes

sugar skull converse

halloween wedding shoes

halloween wedding shoes

candy corn shoes for halloween weddings on @offbeat bride

silver skull boots

steampunk boot

Hallowedding brides, what shoes are you wearing?

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  1. There are a few Fluevogs I’m looking at, even though they’re probably not in the cards because they are expennnnnssiiivvveeee. Also I’m not sure if any of these would actually fit; I would have to go to a Fluevog store and try them on.

    So there’s the Angelina, which scream “Witchy boots” to me: https://www.fluevog.com/shop/4321-angelina-black?item=20&of=63&gender=women&size=

    But I was also looking at the Evers, because I wasn’t sure that I could handle the heel on the Angelinas (yay spinal injury), and they’re not super witchy but could have that edge or at least a Halloween edge to them: https://www.fluevog.com/shop/4330-evers-black?item=16&of=63&anchor=true

    BUT THEN in the time since I last went there to drool, they have come out with MORE SHOES. And these two have caught my eye as being witchy and having a smaller heel:

    Elisabeta: https://www.fluevog.com/shop/4436-elisabetta-black?item=4&of=63&gender=women&size=

    Justine: https://www.fluevog.com/shop/4434-justine-brown?item=6&of=63&gender=women&size=

    And I really don’t know how those will fit because they’re so new they don’t have the “Fit Expert” info on the page, so I’m trying not to fall in love until I can try them on in the store.

    So yeah, one of those pairs is what I’d like. I won’t know till September though if I can afford to splurge like that on shoes (they’d end up costing more than my dress). If not? We’ll likely just get a newer pair of the shoes I wear for work, which are Dr. Scholl’s Career Shoes and 40 bucks at Wal-Mart.

  2. Oh my goodness, those quilted leather boots. Going on the list.

  3. I need a post like this for flat boots (or bare minimum heel) for wide calves. My wedding is this October and I still haven’t found boots. 🙁
    But! These are beyond adorable. All of them. If I could wear heels, I’d be all over the skull/floral with spine(?) heel. <3

  4. The top shoe? With the gold heel? And the tweedy bits? And the buckles? And the tiny ruff of fur?

  5. These are all terribly awesome and if I wouldn’t kill myself in heels I’d be very torn! Those skull flats are super adorable and if I hadn’t already gotten my shoes I’d probably be all over those. I’m wearing super plain, boring but ridiculously comfortable black moccasins to my wedding. Got them at Payless on sale for $24 and am very pleased with them. I’m not big on shoes so my choice was definitely made with practicality and comfort in mind versus style!

  6. I plan on wearing something similar to the spine-heel ones, except with plain black instead of floral-skully motif.

  7. Hi, the top shoe link is broken. Could someone fix this so I can check out those awesome shoes?

  8. I’m going with Fluevogs, too! I got a pair of the green Queen Elizabeth Transcendent heels: https://www.fluevog.com/shop/3643/

    I definitely recommend trying them on, first! I normally wear an 8 and my wedding shoes are an 11 and still a little pinchy. I did find them on ebay, though, from a store that took returns, so I only paid $100, I think.

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