Guest bouquet: let your guests help you build your bouquet

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A magical Pacific Northwest fairytale wedding with a little Princess Bride (and a mountain goat!)
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Here's the ultimate DIY wedding bouquet idea: as your guests enter your ceremony venue, give each of them a flower. Or you could even ask each guest to bring a flower as their gift!

Gracious acceptance


Then, when you walk to the altar, you can stop to collect a flower from each guest … assembling your community bouquet as you go.


This gives you an awesome opportunity to acknowledge and involve each guest while building the ultimate diy bouquet — I like this way better than a receiving line. As the bride said:

Collecting my bouquet from our guests was really fun, and some people have told me it was their favorite part of the ceremony. Even though I'd been around for the cocktail reception before the ceremony, it was really neat to “formally” greet and acknowledge everyone.


(Thanks to levinine for the photos!)

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Comments on Guest bouquet: let your guests help you build your bouquet

  1. This is a great idea!!! My mother and father are renewing their vows next year and they are doing a “hippie wedding”. I think this would be an awsome idea to do as my mother walks down the isle. Thanks!!

  2. I am the sister-in-law of the shown wedding and we all enjoyed selecting a flower and being involved. The bouquet looked splendid, as did the bride!

  3. Wow! This bride is like my wedding soulmate! We are both getting married on a boat and have the same peacock clutch. I think I may even copy the bouquet idea.

  4. What a lovely idea. I’m trying to find more ways to incorporate our guests into our ceremony and this could be a nice fit….but how did you choose which guests would get flowers, the ones on the inside of the aisle would be hard to get to and it looks as though you don’t have nearly as many stems as guests…thanks for your help

    • I having my guest sit in a spiral so there is no end and everyone can hand me one as I walk around to the groom. I’m just not sure how to get the guests to understand what to do.

      • I had a table where guests got their program, looked at more pictures of us, signed the guest book and then had vases filled with flowers and a framed sign with instructions.

        • Could you possibly provide information about the instructions left for guests.

          • At the table with the guest book and programs, I had the flowers, and my instructions were for the guests to take flowers and to line up down the aisle, then to give me the flower as I walk to them. It was so much more fun than a receiving line.

  5. Shelly- This worked for us because we only had 29 guests and there entire ceremony was done with everyone standing. On their own, they formed an aisle of people, one person deep. I told people ahead of time that if they wanted to be certain of handing me a flower, to bring their own, but that otherwise we would provide some (my friends who bought all of the flowers from wholesalers bought a mismatched selection for this purpose.) I have no idea how the doling out part went, and if there were any hurt feelings about being left out, no one’s mentioned it. There was one person who had a flower in each hand, one for me and a small one for the groom.

  6. Rebecca- The boat idea was actually discarded and we got married at an old private club. But! I have to obnoxiously crow just a tiny bit about the clutch to say that mine was a custom order and the fabric was something she found on ebay at my request. I would love to see pictures of you with yours once they’re available, if you see this and if you’re on the ning tribe, I’m levinine there, too.

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