Guacamole unity ceremony: How to work in a SNACK at the altar (with script!)

Guest post by Marika Krause Ponce  
Photos by: Michelle Turner Photography
Guacamole unity ceremony as seen on @offbeatbride
Photos by Michelle Turner Photography

It started off as a joke. Neither of us are super religious and our main wedding goal was to throw an epic party. We wanted a meaningful ceremony, but nothing jumped out at us.

"We're getting married in Mexico. What if we had a guacamole unity ceremony?" I blurted out one day after combing through ceremony readings. "We could call it 'Holy Guacamole,'" my partner Carlos added. The idea grew into an unforgettable moment for us and our guests.

Another perk: After our rehearsal, one bridesmaid said when she saw the table at the altar she was worried we were going to do a sand ceremony, which she'd seen so many times as an oft-bridesmaid. She LOVED the guac idea. It's icing on the cake, er, salt on the margarita glass when you please your snarkiest friend.

We got inspiration for the meaning behind each ingredient from an Offbeat Bride post about a unity sandwich and added our own twists.

My sister led the ceremony and added one of the most important notes after we took turns adding each ingredient. (I added probably too many jalapenos — why would I risk jinxing our passion for each other?!) "Now comes one of the most important part, The Work," she said. "Take your time and do a good job. Remember to take the time to enjoy building a life together and pride in the love that you pour into your relationship." It was a thoughtful touch from a new wife herself.

We assured our guests there would be plenty of guac at the reception, before feeding each other our first taste of marital bliss.

Our venue, Playa Fiesta, was amazing enough to prep each ingredient for us. We also arrived in Puerto Vallarta few days before the ceremony so we hunted down a gorgeous bowl that's now a loving reminder of the wedding day.

An unrelated pro tip: hide a selfie stick at the altar. After our first kiss, we also "sealed with a selfie," and it's probably our favorite picture.

Guacamole unity ceremony as seen on @offbeatbride
This is your love on guac…

Guacamole unity ceremony script

"Intro: Every marriage ceremony includes an aspect of unity. This aspect is designed to be the symbolic unification of the couple in front of their beloved community. Some use two candles to ignite a larger candle, some wrap hands together with cloth, some gather the community and receive blessings. Carlos and Marika are going to use the making of guacamole to signify their joining together today as one.

Avocado: The foundation of one killer combo. It's filling and nutritious. They're best picked when ripe — when the time is right to be mashed together in delicious harmony.

Lime: Lime represents prosperity and good fortune. Also, given our beautiful tropical setting, a reminder to garnish life with adventure and relaxing times together.

Salt and Pepper: Represent the blending of two families… and how your traditions bring out the best flavors of each other.

Onion: A reminder there will be times that bring you tears, but tough times ultimately make you a stronger dish.

Tomato: Tomatoes are a key component in both Italian and Mexican cuisine. Dubbed the European "Love Fruit," it's also a symbol of fertility with it's many seeds…

Jalapeño: Represents heat and passion to keep the marriage going for decades to come.

Mix it up!

Now comes one of the most important part: The Work. Take your time and do a good job. Remember to take the time to enjoy building a life together and pride in the love that you pour into your relationship.

At this time we'd like ask Marika and Carlos to enjoy the first taste of their holy matrimony… There will be plenty of Guacamole the reception for all of our friends and family to enjoy."

Guacamole unity ceremony as seen on @offbeatbride
Guacamole unity ceremony as seen on @offbeatbride

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