Tractor riding, swing dancing, and some almost-synchronized jumping

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This week's reader submissions included Rosemary and Chris caught above in a fun group shot with their gender-blind wedding party. Plus, check out all those white bridesmaid dresses! The Tribe, the Offbeat Flickr Pool, and Pinterest had tons of amazing shots including tractor riding, swing dancing, and attempted synchronized jumping. Here's hoping your week is also full of great moments.


handmade winebottle cork name place cards, with wax seal made at home

Tractor bride.



Wedding swing dance finale

Tribesmaid Phantomssiren and her groom get kissy-faced in their awesome fashion. Photo by Photogenick

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photography: Yaritza Colon Photography

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  1. Thanks for the Kids in the Hall reference…it’s just what I needed on this Monday morning! Now I’d better get back to youtubing my favorite old sketches–er, I mean working. Right, working.

  2. I love seeing the Monday montages so much that I’m checking this on our honeymoon haha! So excited to see our name place cards and tractor picture are in here!

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