Thinking bigger with your registry: group gifting from Traveler’s Joy

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By now you should know our longtime sponsor Traveler's Joy helps you skip the blender and register for the thing you actually want… the honeymoon. You should even be super-familiar with the concept of a honeymoon registry — they've been around for a while now. (Hell, Traveler's Joy has been with Offbeat Bride since 2010!) But are you familiar with the fact that groups (like, say your coworkers, or a cluster of cousins) can work together when gifting through your Traveler's Joy registry? Group gifting: this is happening.

With group gifting, it's easy to divide the cost of expensive items into manageable portions. A private sunset sailboat trip that costs $300 could be split into three $100 gifts, or one $200 gift and five $20 gifts. Since many honeymoon items can lean toward being pretty expensive, we foresee lots of couples wanting to highlight this new feature.

Gather your group of friends around — be they starving artists, your nonprofit coworkers, or just plain ol' not sure what to get you — and introduce them to the concept of group gifting…

Who can go in on group gifts?

Anyone just about anywhere in the world who has a valid Visa, MasterCard, or Discover credit card. Along with accepting gifts from these cards, Traveler's Joy now has more payment options than ever before: starting in 2015, all Traveler's Joy couples will also be able to accept honeymoon gifts via cash or check. This method will be 100% FREE to both the member and gift-giver. Plus, if one of your guests have any technical glitches getting in on the group gifting, Traveler's Joy will work with them to facilitate the process.


From Cole and Alex's safari registry.
From Cole and Alex's safari registry.

How do you split up the cost of an expensive item?

Traveler's Joy makes this easy. When you add an item to your registry, you will always see an updating “Total Amount” value. You can set “Cost Each” and “Quantity” in any combination which provides the desired total. For example, if you are registering for a $1,000 hotel stay, you could set “Cost Each” at $100 and “Quantity” to 10. Setting “Cost Each” at $50 and “Quantity” to 20 would also yield the same total amount. You have total flexibility. Setting up your expensive items as multiple gifts of smaller amounts makes it easy for your friends and family to give you a piece of an item or experience.

Will this cost the gift-givers anything?

Your guests pay nothing extra to group gift. If you put a $100 gift on your registry, it will cost your guests exactly $100 to purchase it.

Could you end up winning something special?

Yes! Check this out…


SPECIAL OFFER: Every month in 2015, Traveler's Joy will pick one lucky couple on their wedding day and TRIPLE the honeymoon gifts they receive from their Traveler's Joy registry! Every couple that registers with Traveler's Joy by April 30th, 2015 will automatically be entered to win.

Now all there is to do is…

Guests: Start planning out your perfect group gift ideas!
Couples: Start your Traveler's Joy registry to win triple the gifts.

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  1. Other than the Border Collie I own, Aussies are the best (which I also own)! That is all.

  2. How they managed to get them all to sit there long enough to take photos is unimaginable !! I cant even get my three cats to sit together long enough to take one picture…

  3. I registered for Traveler Joy as soon as I got engaged. I was really worried my family would be upset by all of it but they love this idea because they can still “get us something” instead of just passing over a cheque. Love this site!

  4. Unfortunately, I was not happy that we used Traveler’s Joy – we ended up wasting hundreds of dollars in gifts paying their fees. We had originally planned to work with a travel agency to plan our honeymoon, and had told people this prior to my bridal shower, but cancelled because they expected payment up front. It is very tricky to ask people to support your honeymoon instead of giving you another blender, but I felt very cheated by Traveler’s Joy and would never recommend them. Word of mouth is still where it is at. Have your bridesmaids talk to your relatives about the amazing honeymoon you’d really like to go on. You might end up getting that extra blender, but we got mostly honeymoon contributions for our wedding – in the form of cash.

    • Hi Shana,

      I’m sorry that you were not happy with your Traveler’s Joy experience. I too would be unhappy if I did not realize there was a fee associated with my honeymoon registry. We try to be very clear in our Common Questions section about the fee and it is the first thing we mention in our service agreement that members have to agree with when the join Traveler’s Joy.

      I totally wish we did not have a fee but unfortunately we pay up to 3% in credit card processing fees for every gift given and in order to pay our awesome customer service team, editorial team, and registry redemption team (including healthcare!), we must charge a fee. I’m still not happy that we charge a fee but it is out of necessity at this point. Otherwise, good ol Traveler’s Joy would be out of business in a heartbeat.

      Based on a lot of feedback and research but also to make a long story short, in 2015, we are rolling out the option for couples to allow their gift givers to send/give a check/cash with no fee. Our development team has been working like crazy in 2014 to get this live in 2015 and we hope it will only encourage more people to use Traveler’s Joy. With the right ratio of fee and no fee, we believe we can keep Traveler’s Joy financially strong and pay our awesome people that come to work each day to help couples register and take an awesome honeymoon.

      What can I do to make this right for you? Feel free to email me directly.

      Best Regards,
      Brandon Warner
      President & Co-founder
      Traveler’s Joy
      Skip the blender. Register your honeymoon.

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