12 hot groomsgirl wedding fashion ideas

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Photo from What's a groom's gal pal to wear? Options for the Best Woman and Groomsgirl by Fable Photography

Our Offbeat Brides are no strangers to the gender-blind wedding party, and today we're celebrating the groomsgirls, y'all. We've seen these ladies stand up next to the groom wearing suits, dresses, and ties with dresses. Every last one of them completely rocked every last look.

If you've ever thought to yourself, “I like the idea of a groomsgirl… but what would a female best man wear?” we're here for you! I've rounded up a few groomsgirl wedding fashion ideas from REAL weddings so that you can see how groomsgirls can own their style while supporting the groom.

1. The groomsmen are wearing black, the bridesmaids are wearing purple — the groomsgirl wedding fashion can include both!

the guys
Photo from Wai Ching wedding party — with a dress for the groomsgirl! from millerunion08

2. Everyone on the groom's side will be wearing ties? Never a problem A tie looks great over a strapless dress.

alex & mark's wedding
Photo from How to dress a groomsgirl by Megan Finley

3. Don't forget to make everyone feel like part of the group!

Photo from A theater-infused movie wedding at an alma mater by Sally Watts Photo

4. This wedding has a hot groomsgirl, with bonus hot bridesboy!

Photo from Shelley & Erik's crafty DIY and bluegrass wedding by onelove photography

5. All we ask is… can everyone do rock-out hands? Good? Good

Photo from Even MORE unexpected groomsmen gifts for guys AND gals by Love Me Do Photography

6. Check it out — groomsgirls are TAKING OVER

Groom and his peeps
Photo from Jamie & Mengmeng's geeky Corgi-loving wedding by Bella Pop Photography

7. Everyone, the colors are black and silver-blue. Just mix it up

the gang
Photo from What's a groom's gal pal to wear? Options for the Best Woman and Groomsgirl from Jane Carnall

8. Groomsgirls makin' bridesmaids cry everywhere

Photo from Ryan & Kesslan's rockin' rainbow weekend dance-fest by Jason Comerford

9. The groomslady wore a yellow velvet jumpsuit OMG!?

Miranda told us that her husband's groomslady “Didn’t want to wear a dress and ended up upstaging us all” in this GLORIOUS yellow velvet jumpsuit. Photo by Kate McCann

10. When your sister is your best man, and she outshines ALL the groomsmen in a red suit

Pic courtesy of @IAMSAFAREE on Twitter

11. This groomsgirl said EFF YOU to gender norms and went for a flared ruffled blazer

Photo by Ginger Michele Barham

12. These groomswomen rocked their grey suits like BOSSES

Kerianne told us “We had mixed gender groom attendants! 2 men 2 women. They all wore different shades of grey suits with grey vests. We gave the men blue ties and blue hair bows for the women. It looked amazing and badass.” Photo by Armen Elliot Photography
We love the bold lip on this brideswoman! Photo by C9 Photography


So is there gonna be a groomsgirl in your wedding party? Oooo, or maybe you've been one? In either case, tell us about the pre-wedding parties, the interaction with the bridesmaids, and DEFINITELY the outfits!

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  1. I wish this was around two years ago when my sister was planning her wedding. My sister did not want her SIL on her side of the wedding party because her SIL would be there to support my BIL (my sister said she would never ask him to have our brother as a groomsman so he shouldn’t ask her to have his sister as a bridesmaid). My BIL is very traditional and he thought it was weird to have a girl on the guys side (I think it would have helped him to see that people do it). They had a couple of fights over it and eventually he agreed (as if it was his own idea) that he should ask his sister to be on his side. My sister and her SIL get along very well. Her SIL came to the bachelorette and had her makeup done with the girls the morning of the wedding, but she also got to hang out with the guys the night before the wedding while they were drinking and telling stories and go skeet shooting with the guys the morning of the wedding. I was paired up with her and we had a great time playing up the situation. My sister didn’t make us dance together during the wedding party dance but we would have totally done it if she wanted us to. Instead I got to dance with my husband and she got to dance with her bf.

  2. I was part of a groom’s party a couple years ago, for a long-time guy friend of mine who is very chill and like “wear whatever’s cool, man.” But his wife makes most of the decisions in their partnership (and definitely in their wedding planning), so I actually worked with her to coordinate my outfit. The challenge I had was that she is a very petite Asian girl with bridesmaids who were all her also-petite sisters and cousins, so her request that I, a tall, plus-size girl, find a dress like theirs, but in the groom’s color, was tough. The ladies’ dress was hot pink, short, shiny unforgiving fabric, and strapless. And I needed to find that shit in “gunmetal grey.” I was like, WTF? But thank god for Torrid — after several failed attempts at other stores and online, I walked into the Torrid in my local mall and there, literally, was a gunmetal grey, strapless, shiny (but forgiving and cut right for a size 18 person), short, but not too short, dress. Just sitting there on the sale rack, waiting for me. No alterations needed. I couldn’t believe my luck, and wedding guests were like “whoa you coordinated so perfectly!!” My guy friend was like “cool, man” as usual–I don’t think he understood the amazing-ness of that find, and I probably could have been his groomsgal in any old party dress if it were just about pleasing him. But his wife did appreciate the amazing-ness of my find, so I was glad I could make it happen for her.

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