Kilted grooms rockin' them tartans, and one NSFW cake topper

Updated Oct 12 2015

What is it about a dude in a skirt that is so damn hot? Perhaps it's because they make my mind wander to naughty places… Anyway, kilts are awesome. They come in so many bright tartans and are filled with family history. Oh, and often times they come with bagpipes! But, this isn't about me. This Monday Montage is dedicated to all of you sexy Scots, Irish, and whoever else can sport a kilt on their wedding day.

Photos by Kevin Bodnar
Kilted American Canadian Gothic.

Photos by Kevin Bodnar
These "Canadian Goths" are ready to rock out with their kilts out!

Photo by Pizzuti Studios
Danielle and Brayton tied the knot at Hammond Museum, a Medieval castle in Gloucester, MA. These men in their tartans just look so right.

rock stars
Besides having these kilted "rockstars" at their wedding, Joy and Geoff had an awesomely hilarious and kilt-tastic wedding in Chicago. They made wedding objectives for their guests, which included getting down like it was 1999, impersonating a llama, and more!

Photo by Kevin N
Joy and Geoff couldn't wait to update their facebook statuses. Everyone knows your marriage isn't official until your relationship status says so.

Paige and Elliot boogied into their wedding reception to Dragonforce's "Fury Of The Storm."

Cindy and Justin are workin' their Scottish ancestry. All I wanna know is, sexy, can I?

Photo by Blaine Mayo and Jimmy Newton
Just because you're wearing a kilt doesn't mean you can't get down, Thriller-style.

Bannan-Grant Wedding
Photo thanks to Ayer Photography of Vermont
Business in the front — party in the back!

Hey, photographers! I love you and do my best to attribute all Monday Montage photos, but sometimes brides don't include your info when they submit photos. If I've featured your work but it isn't properly credited, email me!

  1. Yay kilts!

    And on the subject of engagements rings – I told my love that when he pops the question I don't want a diamond. Being old-fashioned he wants to give me a ring though so I told him I wanted something warm and alive – a big ole hunk of amber! He liked that idea so I think that's what I'll get in the near future.

    • I felt the exact same way – I'm really not a gold or diamonds kind of girl. I did want a ring though, so we went with one of my favorite stones – moonstone. Everyone who's seen a pic of my ring (it's in the mail right now) says it's gorgeous and totally me!

  2. I'm going to giggle over that cake topper all afternoon.

    I made a fascinator for a friend who wanted her headpiece to match the colors in her groom's kilt. It was SUCH a better idea than hiding her dress under a swath of his family's tartan and he thought the gesture was super sweet.

  3. "Paige and Elliot boogied into their wedding reception to Dragonforce's "Fury Of The Storm."

    This is why I love Offbeat Bride.

  4. Canadian Goth's tartan is pretty sweet, but her dress & shrug combo is classic hotness. Any info on her kit would be much obliged.

  5. My original comment was removed, so I'm sorry if it broke any rules I was only joking!

    But all of the kilts are fab! I love kilts at a wedding. We got married this past weekend and alot of the menfolk wore kilts I love to see them in their clan colours. We had all sorts of tartans on show

  6. I'm bound and determined to get my FH into a kilt for our wedding! We just have to figure out what tartan will look ok with a red dress, though that Blackwatch tartan shown above looks great paired with the red dress.

  7. Ahh! That's my cake topper! How awesome! It was a big splurge but so totally worth it, it was a huge hit at the wedding. I have it displayed on our bookshelf in the living room now.

  8. My groom wore a kilt at our wedding, and has worn it on a lot of formal occasions since then. We had several kilted guests, too. I think other people think that kilts are offbeat…but to us it seems completely normal, albeit awesome.

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