John Fluevog Gateway OxfordI realized, why should ladies get all the fun? Grooms need shoes too, and while a black leather shoe is fine … there are certainly more exciting options for the offbeat gentlemen (or larger-footed genderqueers) in the house.

I went a pecking around and found everything from oxfords to double monks to boots that cost more than I think my husband has spent all his shoes combined ever. So grab your groom (or groom-identified-type-person) and let's try a few styles on for size…

DSQUARED2 - Barcello Pony Laced Up Oxford (Zebra) - Footwear

UGG - Holston (Metal) - Footwear
Vivienne Westwood - Maine Mascara Loafer (Green) - Footwear
CoSTUME NATIONAL - Ankle Boot (White/Black) - Footwear
Dr. Martens - Affleck Brogue Boot (Black/Off White Smooth) - Footwear
Alexander McQueen - Skull Slipper (Silver Grey) - Footwear
Calvin Klein - Oniel (White Leather) - Footwear
Jeffery-West - Slasher Zip Boot (Baby Bargat) - Footwear
Florsheim by Duckie Brown - Floral Cap (Floral) - Footwear
Florsheim - Castellano Monk (Black) - Footwear
Jeffery-West - Lightning Chelsea (Dark Blue Crackle) - Footwear
Florsheim - HiFi Wing Ox (Navy Suede/Charcoal Welt/Lime Sole) - Footwear
Stacy Adams - Madison (Cap Toe) (Black/White Kidskin/Ostrich Print Leather) - Footwear
Stacy Adams - Dayton (Black/White Lizard Print Leather/Kidskin) - Footwear
Vivienne Westwood - Plastic Tassel Moccasin (Blue Acqua) - Footwear
CoSTUME NATIONAL - Ankle Boot (Gold) - Footwear

Random bonus shoe

John Fluevog PLR Chukka Boot

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Comments on Groom’s shoes, Vol. 1

  1. Can I just let you know how hard of a time I had looking for the grooms suit and matching shoes? and ended up being where I found his pimp cream suit and shoes. Stores were not helpful and choices were limited. Posts like these are much appreciated!

  2. Very fun looking at all these shoes for the fancy gentlemen in our lives. I think we’re still gonna go the boring route of matching Chucks though. :]

  3. I think some tux places (maybe Men’s Warehouse?) rent out patent-leather chucks as well for the “Offbeat Lite” crowd.

  4. I love the turquoise and brown, but then we realized we could customize some Chucks. I feel a bit more complete.

  5. oh man, those are some hot men’s shoes! I’m going to show my husband those hardcore-looking flip-flops, he usually can’t stand them but it’s sooo hot here!

  6. Chucks are a very common shoe for the groom these days, but make it personal and customize the look on their website. That’s what my hubby did and it was fantastic!

  7. I’m sure the Dude will be choosing his own attire, but I am really hoping he goes for Supervogs on the feet!

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