Photos by Kristina Goudey
Photos by Kristina Goudey

Ladies, you see that adorable short wedding dress the bride Catherine is wearing? You see that adorable groom next to her? His name is Hans and he made Catherine's dress. Seriously: he made his bride's dress!

That said, I noticed this little post on the groom's blog:

Number of dresses I've been asked to sew in the past 3 months by friends: 8.

Number of dresses i've sewn in the past 3 months: 1.

Hint: i don't want to sew you a dress.

In other words, just because he made his bride's dress, doesn't mean he's making you a dress!


To get all the details about this amazing piano player and typewriter themed Seattle wedding, head on over to Ruffled.

(Photos by Kristina Goudey from Goudey Photo. And thanks to Miss Jess for sending this in!)

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Comments on The groom made the bride’s dress

  1. Unbelievable! I can’t imagine that puffy bottom was easy to sew. Do I recognize this guy from Project Runway? (he seriously looks like that runner up from a few years ago, it would make sense, lol!)

  2. The dress is cute, the decorations are cool, and it’s romantic (and convenient!) that the bride’s man made her dress for her. The only thing about this post that bothers me was the side note from the groom’s blog about how he doesn’t want to make anyone else a dress. It doesn’t bother me that he wrote that, it’s his blog, he can say what he wants. It bothered me that Ariel included it, as well as a blunt translation of the groom’s blog. It just seemed unnecessary, unless she was really worried he’d be hounded with dress requests. It’s not a huge deal, but it’s been bugging me all day about how negative and out of place it seemed, esp. considering all the other things I’ve read from Ariel. It just gave me bad vibes for the first time on this site.

  3. Interesting, Christa — I’m confused by your response. I thought the groom’s quote was hilarious, and telling: Of course a guy who made a beautiful dress would get tons of requests from his friends to make more dresses. My comment was playing along with his quip, said with a smile and a waggling finger. I’m genuinely confused about how that somehow translates to bad vibes? Feel free to email me if you want to talk about it more.

  4. WOW, this is true love. The fact that she looks spectacular in his creation makes me give him a definite thumbs up. He obviously knows her style and came up with what he wanted to see her wear that matched her body type and personality. WOOHOO!

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