Epic hairstyles for the discriminating offbeat groom

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We received a request for some offbeat groom's hair ideas and I thought that sounded easy enough. Surely there's a shit load of inspiration for the dudes, right? But I'm just going to say it: you guys need more resources for cool hair. So I've attempted to find some awesome examples of epic hairstyles for men to fill this void. Although I bet you guys already have secret sources tucked away and are likely to share, right? Hmm?

Here are some I found creeping the internet, a few from Pinterest, and a couple from our archives.


What hair will you (or your groom) be rockin' on the day? Share any resources you guys are hiding away for men's hair!

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Comments on Epic hairstyles for the discriminating offbeat groom

  1. my dude has some of the most gorgeous hair i’ve ever seen on a dude. it’s thick, glossy, brown, and falls in luxurious waves. some of it is in great big curls right now because he has some pseudo-layers going on from growing it back out. i might bribe his stylist (because he has a stylist!) to keep cutting some subtle layers in it so those big curls come out more. right now he’s torn between wearing it loose and just tying it back in a ponytail, but maybe i’ll be able to talk him into that intricate weave thing and wearing the rest of it loose!

    • My fiancé is also rocking a head of shoulder length curly hair and I absolutely adore it. I reckon for the big day, we’ll either tie it back with a ribbon, or he’ll let it hang loose with a bit of product in there.

    • Carly can you post a photo of your man with his gorgeous hair??!! I am dying to see it. I have always loved long haired men. (Maybe it’s because I grew up with a military dad….)

  2. The only hair my groom will be rocking is his eyebrows. I’m sure his bald head will be gleaming a little extra bright on our wedding day.

  3. What can guys without thick, beautiful hair do? My fiance has thin, somewhat dandruff-y hair with a severe widow’s peak. No stylists ever know what to do with it so he resorts to just giving himself a buzz cut. Sad day.

  4. Is that meant to be ‘discerning’? ‘Discriminating offbeat groom’ doesn’t sit right!

    PS. My hubby is currently rocking the messy pompadour. He’s not too keen on it, but I love it! I just have to show him how to style it properly, I’m sure he’ll warm up!

    • Discerning works too, but…

      1. able to see fine distinctions and differences
      2. discerning in matters of taste

  5. My husband has long, silky hair. His cousin is a hairdresser and she gave him a trim and put it half up in a ponytail, and half down. It looked gorgeous. (My mother did my hair, and wondered why the groom got the professional!)

  6. My honey is thinning a bit, but has lovely shiny brown hair. He wears it parted on the side with a smidge of length in the front. He humors me by doing a small pomp or a little Captain America ‘do when we’re going out. Since he is thinning, he wears hats on the occasions we’re outside for a while to avoid a painful sunburn atop his head.

  7. Some of these styles would also look great on masculine-of-center ladies! 😀 (In fact, when I saw the first picture, I thought it *was* of a masculine-of-center lady!)

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