Holy hell how amazing is this shot just submitted to the Offbeat Bride photo pool? From the funky purple boots to the well-timed gust of wind and the fact that this is one HAWT couple… everything is amazing about this…


Jaleen, the bride that just gave us a fashion-gasm, described her wedding style perfectly via a conversation with her mother:

Mom: Tell me your kidding about the boots.
Jaleen: Mom, I promise, I have good judgement!


Jaleen: And this dress does lots of things that I usually hate, but I promise it works
Jaleen: It's edgy, I'll give you that. It's risky. It's fashion-y. A designer people have heard of made it. And I swear it's been well-vetted and well-advised.
Mom: Fashion can still be fashion and not be good.
Jaleen: Mom! It's fine.
Mom: So it sounds like you've already…did you buy this dress already?
Jaleen: Yes.


I don't know where you can get those boots, I don't know who made that dress, I don't know where she found such an adorable groom, but what I do know is that you can check out more photos from Jaleen and Andrew's wedding over here.

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