Holy hell how amazing is this shot just submitted to the Offbeat Bride photo pool? From the funky purple boots to the well-timed gust of wind and the fact that this is one HAWT couple… everything is amazing about this…


Jaleen, the bride that just gave us a fashion-gasm, described her wedding style perfectly via a conversation with her mother:

Mom: Tell me your kidding about the boots.
Jaleen: Mom, I promise, I have good judgement!


Jaleen: And this dress does lots of things that I usually hate, but I promise it works
Jaleen: It's edgy, I'll give you that. It's risky. It's fashion-y. A designer people have heard of made it. And I swear it's been well-vetted and well-advised.
Mom: Fashion can still be fashion and not be good.
Jaleen: Mom! It's fine.
Mom: So it sounds like you've already…did you buy this dress already?
Jaleen: Yes.


I don't know where you can get those boots, I don't know who made that dress, I don't know where she found such an adorable groom, but what I do know is that you can check out more photos from Jaleen and Andrew's wedding over here.

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Comments on Wedding style-induced fashion-gasm

  1. Ummm, the boots are Fluevogs and they are called Hildegard's. Unfortunately we don't make them any more ladies and ladies. Actually the purple were limited edition so she is a very lucky lady. And gorgeous to boot. What an amazing outfit.

  2. OMG! It's Jaleen and Andrew! I first ran across them when they lived next to Halcyon and Tassy…. They used to show up in some of Halcyon's photo stream. Supercute and sexy smart couple. Those BOOTS!

  3. I'm not normally an ecru kinda gal but that looks pretty cool, especially with that purple.
    Ecru? Mushroom? Putty? Not sure what to call it, but it's an interesting divergence from the norm either way.

  4. Outrageously wonderful photographer!!! Beautiful wedding, each and every part.

  5. Ohmygosh! I'm so excited to see this here! Aw yay. Thanks for the kind words, everyone! The dress is by Ivan Grundahl, who I didn't know before finding this dress—but I do now. I submitted a profile, so hopefully there will be more info up for anyone who's curious! 😀

  6. whoa weird! hahaha hi!!
    tassy was supposed to have been at this party! but had to cancel at the last minute. what a small internet!

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