2022 green wedding dress trends for brides who want a fresh look

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Detailing of a green wedding dress by Chotronette… love those puff sleeves!

On Offbeat Bride, we've featured hundreds of weddings with brides in unique green wedding dresses … but if our data is accurate (and it usually is) it looks like 2022 is going to be the year of the green wedding dress! With this in mind, we wanted to talk through some of our favorite green wedding dress bridal trends that we're noticing this year. You'll find lots of big puffy sleeves, unexpected shades of green, and some truly fantastical options…

Green wedding dress separates

Why go for a one-piece green wedding dress when you can enjoy the comfort and versatility of wedding dress separates? Not only do you then have two halves of an outfit that you can mix and match for future special events, but they're also way easier to pee in!

The lace top and emerald skirt are separate! This one feels perfect for summer weddings.
Loving this floral wedding skirt from HaizeaCouture. Again with the separates!

Green wedding dresses with capes

During non-binary week, I think we established that wedding capes are the ULTIMATE wedding accessory for folks of all genders.

This emerald green wedding dress from GuCiDesigns is rocking the most glorious cape! And we all know how much we love wedding capes.
This caped green wedding dress has SO MANY SEQUIN SPARKLES. This hue would be so great for a fall wedding.

Fairy fabulous emerald green wedding dresses

For when you want to go the full fantasy route… elvish wedding? Fairy wedding? These options help you get into a more fantastical, cosplay frame of mind.

This green wedding dress by KMKDesigns is covered with lily pads and PURE MAGIC. That corset creates an amazing sillouette and all the different fabrics just make for a magic look for your wedding day.
How much are we dying over the long sleeves on this dark green velvet Elvin wedding gown from Dress Art Mystery? Perfect for a winter wedding.
More subtle fairy vibes and emerald hue from this green wedding dress

Forest green wedding dresses

Sure everyone loves emerald and mint… but what about the earthier forest green tones? We're starting to see more of these wedding dress options available, and love these dresses for inspiration:

We love the unexpected earthiness of this forest green wedding dress
The DRAMA of this forest green dress

Regency styled mint green wedding dresses

You want some romantic Jane Austen vibes? These green wedding dresses can get down with that look.

Super pale mint green wedding dress from Unique Vintage
LOVING this custom regency gown from RecencyCouture

Green wedding dress accents

Maybe you don't want to do an all-green dress… here are some great options for more traditional white wedding dresses with daring green accents.

How much do you love the green ombre of this silk wedding dress from Wai Ching?
If you don't want to go ALL green, there's always this phenomenal option from Wedding Dress Fantasy
Yes, it's a WEDDING CAFTAN, and it's got green accents.

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