What I would register for: The Greece honeymoon edition

Updated Apr 12 2017
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My friend is planning a Greek honeymoon, and she's gotten lots of advice on many of the locations she's hitting up. But she's struggling to find honeymoon advice for Crete. Luckily for her, our sponsor Traveler's Joy lets me (and you!) in on all their honeymoon travel secrets. Traveler's Joy has an entire section devoted to honeymoons in Greece, including all these hot tips about Crete! (Because of course they do. Gawd I love TJ.)

So here is, with the help of Traveler's Joy Crete honeymoon guide, are the things I would register for if I was going to Crete for my honeymoon…

[Keep in mind, if you know where you're going (and it's not Greece) you can just head over to Traveler's Joy's Honeymoon Planning Guides and start scheming up plans for your own awesome honeymoon!]

Complete with white-sand beaches, ancient archaeological sites, charming seaside towns, beautiful resorts, and mountainous interior terrain, Crete is a perfect honeymoon destinations for couples seeking a little bit of everything. The island is truly unique.

To put it all into perspective, it’s got more than 4,000 years of history and yet it often feels untouched by time. With deserted strips of sand, lush gorges, rugged peaks, and historic cities featuring cobbled alleyways and hilltop fortresses, it begs visitors to come explore for themselves, just as the great explorers once did many centuries ago.

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Here's what I'd register for a honeymoon in Crete:

Ferry us to Crete

You can easily reach Crete in about four hours from Athens via Piraeus' high-speed ferry service. Sure you could fly, but you'll get to see more of Greece if you ask your guests to ferry you from one stop to another!

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Treat us to dinner

Gyros, olives, oils and fresh produce galore! We're looking forward to enjoying the famous Greek menu. Send us to dinner in the Greek islands. For a memorable Cretan food experience, we'd love to dine at Kyria Maria in Rethymno and then Pelagos in Agios Nikolaos.

Honeymoon - Crete, Greece
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Explore the island in style

Drive to a remote beach: We want to rent a vehicle and head to the remote beach of Elafonissi. I hear the drive is scary and exhilarating, but you'll never seen a more beautiful beach!

Hike the Samaria Gorge: Samaria Gorge was established as a National Park in 1962 and now contains many hiking trails, narrow rock walls, historic chapels, and abandoned villages. And, as a your reward for reaching the end, we'll obviously sip some wine and enjoy delicious Cretan cuisine at a local taverna.

Get cultured: Crete, and Greece in general, has no shortage of historical sites to visit. And with me being a huge archeology buff, I'd be your best friend if you gifted us tickets to the Archaeological Museum in Heraklion, which features the world’s finest collection of art and artifacts from the Minoan civilization.

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Put a roof over our head

We'd love to experience two different places to stay in Crete. You could help us wake up and fall asleep to the sound of the ocean with a seaside hotel room. Or escape to a secluded spa hotel and get side-by-side massages under olive trees.

Holy wow, are you ready to take the trip of a lifetime to Greece? Head over to Traveler's Joy to check out even more of their recommendations for Crete or Santorini. Or just head over there to start your own honeymoon registry!

What kind of things will you register for on your Greece honeymoon?

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