12 ways to embrace your gray hair on your wedding day

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A few weeks ago, we got not one but two messages asking us to feature “silver-haired” married folks. Did the stars align? Was it pure coincidence our readers wanted to see more gray hair wedding inspiration? Either way, it was a resounding “Fuck yes!” from us. We love gray-haired brides.

Here's one of the messages:

I recently stopped dying my hair and let my natural silver hair grow out and I love it. I have some vague thoughts of renewing my vows at some point and started looking around for some content on silver haired brides. Maybe my searching skills are not cutting it. I found brides over 40, a very few of which have gray hair, and a lot of gray dresses. If you've got an awesome post I missed, I'd love it! If it doesn't exist, it would be such a great post! Silver hair is so beautiful, tons of people took the plunge during lockdown, and there are lots of people out there redefining gray hair.

So, we turned to Facebook and asked YOU to send us photos of you rocking grey hair at your wedding. The response? Sheer staggering silver-haired sexiness. Whether they're mature newlyweds or have been rocking grey hair early on, these married folks did not hold back on their glorious grey-haired wedding photos.

Ready to see silver hair slay and get ideas for your gray hair wedding?

Let's start with this sexy, silver-haired undercut.

Photo by Weeno Photography

Sheanette began greying at 17 and rocked the silvery locks.

Should we invite our high-drama family to our at-home elopement?
Photo from this urban elopement. Photo by Melissa Hirsch Photography

Those silvery curls! J'adore her gray hair

Photo by Drew Cool

“I'm going for a 1950s ‘Italian cut', Ava Gardner or Elizabeth Taylor style.” – Katie

Katie shared this picture from their hair trial.

These elegant grey curls have our hearts.

Photo by Magpie Eye Photography

Silver hair with a streak of pink? Yes please!

Submitted by Katerina Kortusova, photo by Pája Selicharová

These silver highlights are serving major style.

Photo by Rachel Philipson Photography

That silver! Those smiles! Huge heart eyes!

Photo by Andrea D. Castañon

Rocking silver hair in a skeleton onesie at a cemetery? We're smitten.

Photo by Justin Caridi Photography

Check out this sweet salt and pepper action.

Photo from this North Carolina blue celebration. Photo by Amanda Summerlin

When you can't take your eyes off the gorgeous greys.

Submitted by Alli Jackson

The grey in her hair and her dress are intentional!

Photo from this artist farm wedding. Photography by Jessamyn Harris

Did you rock silver hair on your wedding day? Tell us about it below!

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